Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What 50 Bucks (Give or Take) Got us at an Antique Shop!

Okay.  Okay.  It might have been 80 bucks.  Yeesh. :/

I sweet-talked Jared into going on a little road trip last week (during a winter weather advisory, no less!) to eat the best cupcakes in the world and hunt for pretty antiques.  I'm good with the sweet talk; it's one of my greatest talents.  :)  Even though he insists he is a purely modern kinda guy, Jared sure does seem to enjoy the antique comic books and Ford Mustang paraphernelia.  It's one of my dreams that one day, he'll agree that yes, that old rusty ceiling tile would look pretty amazing on our charcoal living room wall, and we probably do need that adorable 40 dollar container for lollipops after all!   (Sigh.  What is he thinking marrying me?  I get all impulsive and weak in the knees as soon as I see anything involving the word "antique.")  Regardless of the fact that he had started dragging me and my drooling mouth away from rustic wooden furniture and the like by the end of the trip, it was still such a good day date with my fiance...topped off with an AMAZING "Wedding Day" cupcake!

Here's the loot.  And what we plan on doing with it:

(Right picture from ruffled)
This cute little bottle is obviously not an antique...they sold gifts there as well.  I am a sucker for skeleton keys, and since we have collected quite a few bottles to hold flowers for our reception centerpieces, I figured it wouldn't hurt to add another!  So pretty!

(Right photo from Country Living)
I thought this rustic metal heart (which is hollow, meant for holding flowers while hung on a wall, I assume?) was so cute, and not just around Valentine's Day, when I would fill it with roses, of course!  It would look adorable in the springtime full of daisies, hung up on a bright yellow wall like this one.

The color is a little bit off here; this is actually a pretty marigold color in an imperfect black wooden frame.  I love the crafty and homespun feel of this, and it would really look good on any wall...but I like yellow and grey together!  :)
Jared and I are set on a black and white kitchen with splashes of red, and Jared knew that he definitely wanted some chalkboard in there somewhere.  So we both loved this antique red tray that was upcycled with chalkboard paint to become a cute little place to write a menu or weekly shopping list!
(left photo from here, right photo from here)
I saved my favorite for last!  I am very excited about this gorgeous white birdcage, and I already have several ideas of what I'd like to do with it in my own home.  However, we haven't quite decided what we're going to use it for in the wedding:  a fun card holder OR stuffed full of flowers as a unique centerpiece?  What do you think?  Either way, I love it, and it was definitely my favorite find of the day!

And finally, a picture of my niece.  Just because she's cute.
It was a long morning for this poor thing.  This was the day we went to get my sister-in-law's bridesmaid dress, and Audrey was just pooped.  I said to her, "Don't you wanna go see your mama try on pretty dresses?"  And she replied, "No.  Eat!!"  Well...I guess you can tell we're related.


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