Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Presidents' Day!

And happy birthday, George Washington! :)

So lately, Mother Nature has been a wily little tease.  The past week or so has been absolutely gorgeous, sunshine and green grass, feeling more like early May than mid-February.  But then...then we got cocky.  Come on, people, we're Iowans!  You don't taunt the unusually nice weather with your flip flops and your bare shoulders; you know better than that.  I saw a girl walking around campus wearing capris and flip-flops, and she was just asking for it.  Sure enough, all this cockiness came back to bite us in the ass.

Current conditions:  Winter weather advisory.  No flip flops for you tomorrow, silly girl.

This inconsistency with the weather has been almost worse than the constant cold of last year!  I've been crossing my fingers for spring, mistaking sparrows for robins and wearing pastels almost exclusively.  Perhaps it is because of this that I've also noticed a change in my Web-surfing habits:  florals are now dotted throughout my "inspiration" folder, and, I'm not gonna lie, I even have a few pairs of flip flops in my shopping cart at Modcloth.  And so, I present to you...the "Longing for Spring Inspiration Board!"  Enjoy!

(Clockwise from left):

1.  Aren't these heart-shaped crayons cute?  Made from old/broken crayons and perfect for chubby little fingers, they'd be perfect for kiddos!  This would be a fun craft to do when my niece is over...if, that is, she wanted to draw or color anything besides SpongeBob.  (Found via bleubirdvintage...tutorial over there as well!)

2.  These beautiful beachy waves were styled by a STRAIGHTENER, can you believe it?!  I am completely inept when it comes to anything involving my hair; it stays stick-straight day after day.  These waves, perfect for spring, are so far beyond my hair skills it's ridiculous, but a girl can dream, right?  (Pictures and how-to over at abeautifulmess)

3.  My nail-painting skills, unfortunately, barely rival my hair skills.  I find that my nails are smudged, oh, about two minutes after I've painted them?  I would love for my nails to look this flawless; love the updated-for-spring French mani!  (via Pinterest, but found at Black Eiffel)

4.  The Kate Spade website and advertisements always make my day a little bit brighter:  so vibrant and full of color!  I am currently eyeing a gorrrgeous pair of Kate Spade heels for my wedding...beautiful!  Love basically everything on the site!  (Kate Spade products; picture via Black Eiffel)

5.  This cute little vignette was made from spruced-up found products at antique/thrift stores; inexpensive and adorable for Easter!  (found over at spunkyjunky)

6.  This pastel, ombre piece of art is made from PAINT CHIPS (which are, yes, free!!).  I absolutely love this idea and plan on doing it myself.  I'm thinking maybe in shades of turquoise?  (via twentysomething...tutorial over there too!)

7.  (Middle left)  This flower arrangement makes my heart skip a beat!  I am all for unique, offbeat florals in different types of containers...for our wedding, for example, we have amassed quite the collection of antique soda bottles and old Mason jars for our centerpieces.  We also have a vintage pink hatbox (from Younkers, my place of work!) that I'm pretty excited about.  Okay, I digress, I'm sorry.  But these flowers are gorgeous!  (via ruffled)

8.  (Middle right)  Oh, that Martha Stewart never fails to inspire!  My fiance makes fun of me because of how many pages I dog-ear in the Martha Stewart magazines I buy, but my Lord!  How can he resist her ability to basically MacGyver ANYTHING out of, like...pipe cleaners, felt, and a glue gun?!  These beauties are edible flowers frozen inside ice cubes!  Practical?  Um, no.  Pretty?  Absolutely!!  Sooo beautiful in a springtime glass of iced tea!  (via good ol' Martha)

Hope you enjoyed that tiny dose of springtime!  I know it helped drag me out of these winter blues a I'm off to turn on some music to drown out the wind outside.  Anyone volunteer to scrape my windshield tomorrow morning? :)


PS:  Movie review still coming!

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