Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Awkward First Dance

I tell you what, if our first dance looks anything like the above photos (all from stylemepretty, one of the most inspiring wedding blogs out there!), I will be overjoyed!  But one of my biggest fears about the wedding itself is the pure awkwardness of that damn dance.  Neither Jared nor I really enjoys being the center of attention, and I figure the dance will go one of two ways:  Either a.) The dance floor will not bond well with the surface of one of our shoes, and Jared or I will end up falling on our bum, a la Chandler Bing or b.) we will be so aware of the 300 or so pairs of eyes on us that we will simply sway back and forth and sweat uncomfortably, reminded of our first middle school dance.  Who invented this tradition?!  Certainly not a wallflower like myself!

Our first dance song, we've decided, is Unchained Melody...all sex scene references from Ghost aside, please! :)  Originally planning on the most well-known version by the Righteous Brothers, I recently came across the U2 version and sort of fell in love with it as well, and now I'm all confused. 

Righteous Brothers versus Bono:  Who will win?  What do you think?
Also, any thoughts on how to avoid the middle school dance feel?  Jared and I actually gave it a test run one afternoon (oh yes, we did.  There may have even been a disco ball involved.), and I won't lie to you, our dance skills?  Ain't gonna impress nobody.  There were definitely some feet being stepped on (mine).  And there were also definitely some feelings being hurt (Jared's) when said feet stomped right back.  I don't want our audience to fall asleep, that's all!  Do we take dance lessons?  Involve some fancy twirls and dips?  What is the solution here, people?

Speaking of middle school dances...I was recently looking through old journals (ugh, I suppose in this case, I have to call them diaries), and I realized I have some awkward first dances under my belt already after all!  For example:

My very first dance was the homecoming dance in sixth grade.  I was all decked out and ready for some boy-girl dancin' in an extremely patriotic t-shirt, jean skirt, and matching red, white, and blue platform flip flops.  Oh, and my purple-framed glasses and braces (a double whammy!).  The only problem was that my current "boyfriend"?  WOULDN'T DANCE WITH ME.  (Can't imagine why:  Who could resist all of that?!)  I seem to recall sitting on the bleachers crying while he, for some reason, sulked in a corner.  My night, however dramatic and emotional it seemed, was slightly improved when a different boy approached me at the bleachers, saying, "I'll dance with you, Chelsea!"  (Oh, that Peter, what a sweetheart!)  A few weeks later, after a drawn-out breakup with much whispering and passing of notes, I got a particularly ballsy note from The Ex Who Didn't Dance (possible band name?).  The postscript read:  "I was going 2 dance w/ u at this next dance, but I GUESS NOT!!!!!"  Ouch!  I will never forget that, BZ.  Never.

Apparently the only other notable middle school dance was one I referred to as the "pizza party dance."  I had a brand spankin' new boyfriend by this time - I guess I was quite the catch with my metal mouth and oversized Gap t-shirts.  I wasn't sure what to expect from this one, though; his former girlfriend (if you could call her that:  the definition of girlfriend/boyfriend at this time in my life was giving each other candy on major holidays and turning red when they said hello in the hallway) had told me during lunch that he might get "frisky."  "At the homecoming dance," she whispered, "he put his hands in my back pockets!"  WHAT?!  She got hands in her back pockets and I didn't even get danced with?!  Anyway, sure enough, during Aerosmith's "Don't Wanna Miss a Thing", I felt his hands wander toward the pockets of my incredibly high-waisted Old Navy jeans...and his freckled face remained nothing but innocent. 

Having dance parties at friends' houses was considered the cool thing to do.  There was one in particular during Halloween week in 7th grade; I don't remember much, but here's what I do remember:  I dressed up as a "Goth", which basically meant wearing slightly more eye makeup than usual and exchanging my Gap t-shirt for a Hot Topic one; the rascal from above dressed up as a basketball player of some sort (typical); there was a viewing of Jeepers Creepers amid the dancing during which much ice was thrown; and we were all kind of enthralled with a brand-new couple in our class and kept making them kiss on command, which they did, and that sounds absolutely sick, but we were young, sickos; kissing at the time meant a peck on the lips.  It was during O-Town's All or Nothing that this still-frisky boy turned to me and asked, "Wanna kiss?"  I hesitated.  "Um...okay."  I thought it was weird that he had asked before doing it.  (Note:  It totally was.  I hope you don't still do that.)

My first prom was quite the experience.  I won a microwave playing Plinko.  He took it from me.  His argument?  "I'm going away to college before you are."  Fair enough.

Haha!  That was so fun!  :)  Hope you enjoyed my look back into the past.


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