Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Oh, Shannen Doherty, Why?

Oh my, Brenda, what would Dylan think?  You're a grown woman.  Playing dress up in flapper costumes in a commercial that runs in between reruns of Maury and Jerry Springer.  Remember what you used to be?

Remember when you and Kelly wore the same dress to the spring formal?  Surrrre, Kelly might be considered the more traditionally pretty face, but you rocked that Audrey Hepburn look in that dress!  And later you and Dylan get to have sex, so there's that.

And remember when you went to Paris with Donna instead of Kelly?  Yeah...Kelly was totally hooking up with Dylan behind your back while you were gone, but you had SO MUCH FUN.  And learn from Lauren Conrad's mistakes.  Lauren Conrad?  Will always be the girl who didn't go to Paris.

Or what about when Color Me Badd stopped by the Peach Pit?  That was pretty cool, right?

The point is, you can do better than this.  Plus, you don't need your degree in liberal arts.  You went to London for college, remember?

I mean, even the show you did where you and your two sisters had magical powers and you could move things with your mind was better than this gig!

How the mighty have fallen.


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