Thursday, November 28, 2013

Photographic Evidence of the Many Things I Have to be Thankful For

This post is super cliche, but I often forget to be thankful for things.  I forget that I am lucky.  I have to remind myself sometimes, and today is as good a day as any.  A few years ago, my sister asked me what I was most thankful for that year (actually, she was asking me what was the best thing that had happened to me all year - my sister's not that cheesy*), and I couldn't think of anything.  Not one thing!  Struck by how pathetic and sad that was, I told myself to be more aware of the good things I had in my life and the good people surrounding me.  I told myself to notice and remember the little things, like the way dogs sometimes wag their tail so hard their whole body shakes, or like the time I saw a burly, bearded guy on a motorcycle pull over to gently pick up a turtle from the middle of the road and deposit it into the safe grass.  The smallest but unparalleled moment disguised as ordinary life.  I hadn't let myself acknowledge the good in people, the good in the world, for a very long time.  But now that I have, it's kind of everywhere.

*My sister's answer to her own question was "Going to see the New Kids on the Block/Backstreet Boys concert."  Don't judge, you know you're jealous.

A couple of years ago, I was the loneliest I have ever been.  I was alone and away at school, living in an empty suite, and going to and from class, often going days without speaking to anyone.  I missed having things in common with people, missed not being the only person who wasn't interested in going out on Friday nights.  I wanted someone to spend time with and laugh with.  I would hear the girl across the hall laughing with her boyfriend and my throat would swell up with something a little like hope and a lot like envy.  When I came back to the dorm at night, the room would feel frustratingly empty, and I had basically resigned myself to the fact that I would become a cat lady.  

Then I found Jared.  One night on Facebook, thank God for the age of technology. :)  I finally found someone with the same sense of humor, the same morals and values.  To him, nothing is funnier than Will Ferrell, and no Friday night is better spent than staying at home playing each other in Wii Tennis.  He is more patient with me than I am with myself, and when I ask him to please bring me a PopTart, he does it without complaint.  He didn't think it was stupid when I asked him why the Vikings couldn't play the Hawkeyes (okay, maybe a little), and he didn't roll his eyes when I wanted our wedding to be vintage-style and centered around birds.  We call each other "love" because that's what we are in.  I couldn't ask for anything else.  This is what I am thankful for.

I don't have a picture here to insert, and someone would inevitably complain that they didn't look good enough or something, so that's okay.  I take my family entirely for granted, and here is not the place to wax poetic about how much I love them.  But I will say this:  My mom is awesome.  She likes books better than people (me too!), and I used to think her nightly baths were some magical ritual of some kind.  High school through college, my fists were clenched tight and so was my heart, and my mom helped me peel my fingers away from my fists and relax - she can fix nearly any broken thing.  My mom and dad go to the movies every week, and while my mom reads a book before the show, my dad falls asleep, both of them under a shared blanket.  My dad waits on me hand and foot even though I am nearly 24, and when I am sick, they both come help me.  My sister taught me what it is to be strong, and also the merits of Robyn, Parks and Recreation, and 80s movies.  My brother makes me look bad because he's so goddamn selfless, and his fart jokes are exactly on par with my own.  My sister-in-law is consistently patient and upbeat, and my niece Audrey is the smartest 3-almost-4-year-old I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  This is what I am thankful for.

The Animals in my Life

Lucy and Roxie, Jared's grandparent's dogs, are the most amazing and smart dogs ever.  They make my dog look like an idiot.  Roxie isn't even one year old yet, and she acts like she's been trained for years.  Aren't they gorgeous?!  Bella and Oscar, my mother-in-law's dogs, are very sweet as well, and I love them to death.  I am also thankful beyond words for the shelter dogs/cats I have been blessed to know.  They have changed me for the better in so many ways, and I know everyone says this and it's super annoying, but if I could take them all home, I really really would.  I want to see them all go to the awesome homes they deserve.  I am also very thankful to the amazing staff that cares for them and makes them feel at home rather than in a kennel, as well as the volunteers who take time out of their busy lives to socialize with them.

My Riley is the most fellow-dog-hating, walk-loving, treat-obsessed old man of a dog that I have ever met.  He loves Jared way more than he loves me, and he is constantly waiting and whining at the door for "Daddy" to come home.  He lays on our necks while we sleep and lives in absolute terror of the ice machine.  This is what I am thankful for.

Purse Full O' Pills
Although I hate taking the 9-10 pills daily, although they get mixed up and confusing in my brain, although sometimes the side effects make me feel like crap...I am still thankful that my purse resembles a traveling pharmacy.  Without this medicine, I would barely be able to leave the house.  It makes me able to live my life and enjoy doing so.  This is what I am thankful for.

Harry Potter
(photo from here, but really, don't visit this website - it's all about how Harry Potter is about witchcraft and, thus, SIN.)
This is silly, but my GOD, I love Harry Potter.  It is one of the few things I can watch when I'm not feeling well that can make me feel almost back to normal again (also Ratatouille, Enchanted, and SpongeBob SquarePants).  Words can't even express how happy these movies make me.  Also, I'm in love with Snape. This is what I am thankful for.

Warm Pajamas!
Our heater is broken, and has been since last December.  Sometimes we wake up and it is 48 degrees in our house.  So footie pajamas are my best friend.  Footie pajamas + my heated mattress = a perfect temperature for sleeping.  Fortunately, we are getting a new heater on Monday, so here's hoping for a warmer December this year!  These warm, cozy Sock Monkey feet?  This is what I am thankful for.

(90s throwback books FTW!)
On the show Modern Family, the nerdy daughter Alex says, "You're never alone when you have books."  Which, of course, got played off as a hilarious joke, haha, let's all make fun of the geeky girl, but seriously?  How true is this?!  On a weekend, when most people my age are out at a bar or a friend's house, you will find me at home in my pajamas, reading a book.  And honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way.  I grew up in the library.  Literally.  While my mom shelved and alphabetized, stamped and re-covered books, I would sit in a corner, book in my lap and thumb stuck resolutely in my mouth.  I passed up after-school clubs and sports to go across the street and be surrounded by the musty smell of paper and ink, kept quiet by Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and a baggie full of dry Cap'n Crunch.  When I hit middle school, my mom paid me five dollars an hour to "help" her out after school.  I would reorganize shelves of R.L. Stein books, empty out the dropbox, and hide from people I knew when they came in to search for a book.  I fancied myself to be very sophisticated, and I imagined a day when I would take off my glasses and shake out my pinned-back hair like the seductive, pencil-skirted librarians in movies.  I loved the idea of being a third-generation "Marian the Librarian", and no amount of papercuts or tiny-print-induced headaches was gonna stop me.  Books are my vice, my stress-reliever.  This is what I am thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

YA Novels I Loved

I tend to stick mostly with adult women's fiction and memoirs, but every once in a while, a YA novel that isn't about vampire/werewolf/zombie love comes around and sticks with me.  Here are a few great ones that I could go for rereading!  (All photos from Amazon)

Why We Broke Up - Daniel Handler
I like the idea of a young adult novel being illustrated - it was fun and made it really easy to zoom through.  Min is writing Ed a letter giving him reasons for their split, along with a box of "their" stuff.  Each portion of the story focuses on an object inside the box and why it's in there.  Yeah, the narrator was pretty childish...but I enjoyed every second of it.  I hear this is going to be a movie starring Selena Gomez, probably going to ruin it for me.

This Gorgeous Game - Donna Freitas
Olivia wins a writing contest and gets to take a class from a famous and well-respected priest.  She is overjoyed...until her idol Father Mark basically starts stalking her.  A great little YA novel concerning power abuse.  I felt for Olivia, and I was more disgusted by Father Mark than I think I ever have been by a character.

The Fault in Our Stars - John Green
I felt like I was the last person on the bandwagon with reading this book.  But the wait was worth it.  This was one book that definitely lived up to the hype.  Hazel has terminal cancer, as does the boy she meets at a support group named Augustus.  This could turn cliche sooo easily, but for me it never did.  I RARELY cry when reading a book, but I bawled during this one.  It was heartbreaking.  

Between the Lines - Jodi Picoult and Samantha Van Leer
Jodi Picoult used to be one of my favorite adult authors, and this young adult novel written by her and her daughter does not disappoint.  It sounds dumb when I describe it, but just bear with me here:  The narrator is obsessed with this childhood fairy tale - specifically, the main character Oliver.  The whole book consists of the question:  What happens to the characters once the books pages are closed?  It was a very cute and unique story, a good read for when you're wanting to feel like a kid again.

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - Ransom Riggs
This strange but amazing novel used disturbing photographs that were creepy as hell to move the story along!  After his grandfather dies, the narrator decides to go to the old orphanage where he grew up, only to find out some worrisome facts about the children there.  Mysterious, weird, and awesome!

The Girl who Loved Tom Gordon - Stephen King
This YA novel by King doesn't pack the scary punch of his adult novels, but it's still a great read.  A fist-clenching survival story about a 9-year-old girl named Trisha who gets lost in the woods.  And she's not alone.  If you're a King fan, definitely give this a try.

Just Like That - Marsha Qualey
I absolutely loved this book when I was in high school.  I can't quite remember now what exactly it was that drew me in, though.  It's about a girl who witnesses an awful accident and doesn't know how to respond to it.  It's very relatable and poetically written.

A Monster Calls - Patrick Ness
I can't tell too much about this book's plot because it would give everything away.  Every night after midnight, a monster shows up outside a young boy's room.  But the monster isn't what you think it is.  Sad, real, and heartbreaking, I really enjoyed this illustrated book.

Sloppy Firsts - Megan McCafferty (The Jessica Darling series)
This series was my go-to when I was fifteen.  Jess Darling is a cynical high schooler full of sarcasm and wit.  Honestly, the series has no real plot besides just following her through her life.  But the writing is pretty outstanding, and Marcus Flutie is like the sexiest male book character out there.

The Diviners - Libba Bray
Okay, please don't judge this book by its awful, awful cover art.  It's not at all what the cover makes it out to be.  I ADORED THIS!  Evie has moved to New York City in the 1920s, and abruptly finds herself in the midst of a serial killer's rampage.  Meh, that didn't really do it justice either.  I'll try harder.  17-year-old Evie is sent to live with her uncle Will in NYC at the "Museum of Creepy Crawlies," her uncle's strange museum.  A rowdy flapper, she has the time of her life, until an occult-based murderer known as Naughty John comes around.  LOVE everything about this!  I was actually pretty scared by this novel, and that doesn't happen often.

Happy reading!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Christmas Isn't About Gifts, But Gifts Sure are Nice!

Just to clarify:  Christmas is about time spent with family, not about receiving gifts.

Okay, now that we've cleared that up...I've done some Christmas gift lists before (mother gifts, cousin gifts, sister gifts).  Inspired by the latest HGTV magazine and all the neat things on Oprah's yearly List, I'm going to do another one!  Many magazines and websites refer to things like I'm going to include "hostess gifts," but let's be honest, how often does one really give a "hostess gift"?  So I'm going to refer to this list as The Christmas Gift Guide for Cool People and Gifts I Would Love to Receive.  Also, I promise that one of these days I'll get around to doing a list for dudes.

1.  The 1990s Coloring Book!  Featuring music, television, movies, and yes, fashion from the 90s...this is just awesome.  It includes Boy Meets World, trapper keepers, and Beanie Babies.  What else would you ever want to color?!  - Amazon, $8.10

2.  Enamel fondue set - Jared and I have an actual vintage version of this, in a very 1970s shade of orange.  Now, we've never actually used it.  But it's very pretty, and I have lots of ideas about melting various chocolates and cheeses!  It's even prettier in this shade of teal, and a STEAL of a price! - World Market, $17.49

3.  Jingle bell spreaders set - These would be adorable (if a little annoying) to "spread" some holiday cheer around your home!  (See what I did there?) - Pier1, $13.56

4.  Hedgehog pencil holder - I love this little guy!  He'd look so cute sitting on my desk, holding pens and pencils and old love notes from middle school! Anthropologie never fails to deliver the cuteness.  - Anthropologie, $32.00

5.  Gold zebra stacking dish - Ohhh, Jonathan Adler, how I love you.  Such beautiful things, such stupid prices.  This zebra dish would look awesome holding rings, ponytail holders, or paperclips! - Jonathan Adler, $32.00

6.  Leather hardshell iPhone 5 case - This could totally be for a guy!  Jared would love this iPhone case, and so do I.  Unfortunately, we are currently both Samsung owners :(  Boo.  - Restoration Hardware, $29.00

7.  "Though she be but little, she is fierce" print - I love Emily McDowell's products.  She has some awesome cards and art prints over on her site!  This particular print is one of my favorite quotes, from Shakespeare. - Emily McDowell, $26.00

8.  Help I Have Problems kit - This is such a fun idea.  Basically each case says the following:  Help I Have a Headache, Help I'm Nauseous, Help I Have an Aching Body, Help I Can't Sleep, Help I Have a Blister, or Help I'm Tired.  And each case includes a little "cure" for what ails ya.  Great for travelers.  Fab, $22.00

9.  Rechargeable hand warming prism - This cute and colorful little pod recharges in only three hours, and it can keep you warm for about six hours or so.  - Fab, $29.00

Bonus book gift:

Humans of New York - Brandon Stanton

This is a great photography coffee table book that is on my Christmas list as well!  Based on a popular blog, this photographer travels around his city to capture people and their stories.  Each endearing and relatable photo is accompanied by an anecdote or quote.  I can't wait to flip through this book.
Amazon, $17.99

I would be happy to see any of these items under my tree!  Even though, um, I don't care about getting presents.... :)


Monday, November 25, 2013

The Embarrassment Chronicles: My Diary at Age 8-11

Starting in the 3rd or 4th grade up junior year of high school?...I kept a journal.  No, no, let's be honest.  It was a diary.  And sometimes I wrote, "Dear Diary...." and signed it, "Love, Chelsea."  I'll admit it.  For some laughs, I decided to pull out my 4th - 6th grade journals and flip through them.  I expected some funny anecdotes about slumber parties and perhaps a particularly humiliating experience in gym class (because I remember lots of those).  I did not expect what I actually found.  Which was...

Pure and unadulterated embarrassment at the girl I used to be.  Literally, my face was turning beet red as I read the scrawled cursive.  And there's no one even home for me to be embarrassed in front of!  How could a 4th grader be so obsessed over boys?  Is this normal?  Were other girls this way?!  I god.  There's really no other way for me to explain than to just lay it all out on the table.  I feel like I should use code names to spare certain former classmates, but let's face it:  we had 18 people in our class...pretty sure they're gonna figure it out anyway.  And Daniel?  I really doubt you're reading this (God forbid...), but I apologize in advance.

"January 30, 1998.  No, really.  I dated every. single. entry.
I love Daniel.  Really?  The word love?  Really?  Daniel doesn't love me the way Kasey loves Bethany.  I am jealous because my boyfriend (Wait, boyfriend?  I guess in the 4th grade, "love" didn't necessarily have to be returned in order to be boyfriend/girlfriend.) doesn't love me.  I kissed Daniel's locker once, but he wiped it off.  I gave him a valentine that said, I love you, and had a piece of gum taped onto it.  For a long time it was in his locker, and I thought that he loved me, because the valentine was still in his locker.  But at the end of the day, he ripped the valentine up and put it in the garbage.  Then he ripped the piece of gum up, too.  Wow, Daniel.  You ripped the gum up too?  Harsh. I try to kiss him, but he runs away.  Oh, young Chelsea.  You should...probably take a hint.  Now I think Andrea loves him, but she said no.  I don't want anyone to read this except Angie.  I apologize.  It is now shared with the world.  This is a true story!"

Seriously.  "This is a true story!"  Like anyone would ever doubt the amazing pathetic-ness of that entry!  The rest of the basically the exact same thing.  An entire notebook, dedicated to my "love" and how it wasn't reciprocated.  There are a few mentions of my hatred of Sunday School and practicing piano, along with the drama of writing your best friend's name on a paper football and having her not write your name in return.

I did find one more entry of interest, however:

Okay.  Just to be clear.  This says "Things to Remember About 98 Degrees".  ...I can't even...

 Oh.  This too.
I guess I was mistaken when I called it a diary.  It is also "part boyfriend journal."  Don't get it twisted!

In my 5th and 6th grade notebook, I had matured quite a bit.  Every entry was written in a different colored Gelly Roll pen (remember those?), some of them so shimmery I can barely make any words out.  I wrote my new boyfriend (this time, it was consensual) a note that said the following (I recorded it in my journal for posterity):

"April 10, 2000.  
Dear Brian,
I was thinking maybe we could write to each other?  I just wanted to ask you, Do you think I am a blonde?  Please don't dump me if I am.  Write back as soon as you can.
Love, (premature, Chels)

Sigh.  Gloria Steinem would've had my head on a platter for that little blonde comment.  (Wait, Gloria Steinem is a feminist, right?  I...should know this.)  The rest of the notebook was mostly a play by play of my days at school and tales of prank calling teachers.  Here's a snippet of what my life was like in 2001.

"February 26, 2001 - 7:00.  7:00, guys.  Did you get that?  The time I wrote this is very important.
I am listening to "It's Gonna be Me."  And reading J-14!  Be right back.  I have to rewind the song.  And get a diffrent pencil.  I can't wait till Friday, or tomorrow!  I am listening to "Bye, Bye, Bye," but when it gets to "It's Gonna be Me again, I'm going to dance!  I'm going to read my J-14, okay?  Okay.  Now I have to go dance.  Be back soon!  I <3 NSYNC!!!  The exclamation points had hearts instead of dots.  Just so you know.  Tomorrow in the ICN room, I'm going to kinda write Brian's name in my notebook, really big, and let him see it too!  Subtle.  I am almost done with the NSYNC tape.  I read my J-14 already.  This is fun!"

Important stuff.  I also included the entire song list of the Now That's What I Call Music 5 cd.  School dances were of course involved, including the infamous dance of the Butt Grab.  There was an especially long entry (3 pages!) concerning my anxiety over starting the 6th grade.

"June 19, 2001. 
I can't wait till 6th grade.  It will be so fun having different teachers.  I'm not that excited about the Sheffield kids.  The dreaded "Sheffield kids" were the kids in our class from a different school...we consolidated in middle school and became a class of 40.  Contrary to how this entry makes it sound, the Sheffield kids were not that terrifying.  :)  Actually, I'm kinda worried!  Cuz I don't think I'm gonna fit in.  Oh, well.  Get used to that feeling, young grasshoppa!  I just thought of something I won't like about 6th grade.  We have about 7 minutes before gym, and 10 minutes after.  In the 7 minutes before, we have to go in the locker room and change into mesh shorts and t-shirts.  Gasp!  Then, in the about 10 minutes after, we have to go back in there and take showers!  Not that!!!!  I am just going to not even get in the shower just lean in and get my hair wet.  But if someone says that I HAVE to take a shower, I'll just get in and rinse off.  I bet that that's what everyone else will do, too.  If someone won't take a shower, then somebody might tell on us.  And then, Connie, our nurse, will come in there and watch us!  But they promised that they wouldn't tell.  So they probably won't."  Yeah, this was never an issue.  Showers were for kids who sweated in gym, and as someone who hates physical activity of any sort, I never sweated.

Look at this relic!

Also, I had a sticker on my notebook that said "Boys R Toys."  In 5th grade.  (To be fair, I got it out of a vending machine at Pizza Hut.  Their stickers were super sweet.)

 And finally, the parting gift of the inside of the notebook cover.  Yikes.  If I had known me back then, I don't think I would have been my friend.

Can someone please reassure me that I wasn't the only one with such a...sad little diary?


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Fashion Inspired by Characters, Part 1: Books and Television

So many times, while watching a movie or reading a book, I am drawn in by the actress' clothing or the nearly loving descriptions of a protagonist's dress and heels.  It can be something as simple as a mention of a main character's earrings in a novel for young adults; it can even be just a glimpse of a green glove.  I thought it might be fun to show you some of the fashion Polyvores I have created based on these characters.  Unfortunately, there are way too many to fit in one blog post, so I will save all my movie characters for another one (prepare yourself for Clueless-inspired tartan and Disney princess fashion ;)).

Fashionable Ladies (Plus a Boy Named Max) from Fiction and Television

Claudia Kishi of the Babysitter's Club series (photo from here)

Mean Girls inspired sweatshirt - Etsy $29.00
Button earrings - Etsy $14.00
Black scrunchie - ASOS $8.90
Transparent bag - as seen in Vogue, price not included
Aztec print leggings - Fashion Union $13.00
Dr. Marten pink boots - Nasty Gal $170.00

As described in "Claudia and the Mystery at the Museum": "I love to put outrageous outfits together, and I hate looking like everyone else.  I mean, I do wear trendy clothes, like leggings and big slouchy socks and Doc Marten boots, but I always add my own touches so that I stand out from the crowd.  For instance, earrings I've made myself, or a big belt that I found in a thrift store.  I also like to play around with my hair.  One day I'll wear it in a French braid, and the next day it'll be in a ponytail on the top of my head."  Obviously, this list wouldn't be complete without Claudia Kishi, whose fashion sense Ann M. Martin reeeeally went out of her way to describe in every single book.  Constantly wearing handmade earrings, neon prints, and a bracelet made out of a telephone cord, Claudia Kishi was the freaking shit.  I like to think that if she was...y'know, not fictional...she would love the trend in transparent bags and printed leggings.  And I know, I know:  Claudia Kishi has never seen the movie Mean Girls, so the sweatshirt wouldn't make much sense to her.  But I think it definitely fits her personality.

Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City (all photos from here)

Fendi baguette bag - Fendi $2,370.00
Flower brooch - Debenham's $7.78
Grey tank - Zadig & Voltaire $97.00
Full pleated skirt - House of Fraser $96.00
Turquoise sandal with feather ankle strap - My Wardrobe $875.00

Likewise, no list of fashionable silver screeners would be complete without the one and only Carrie Bradshaw.  Not the most likable of the gals on SATC - selfish!  And Big?  Really?  After all he's done to you? - but without a doubt the most fashionable.  This outfit was inspired by her trademark flower brooch (the bigger the better), as well as her iconic tutu in the opening credits.  And of course, Carrie would be nowhere without her heels and her Fendi baguette.

Floral-print trench coat - Dolce & Gabbana $639.00
Gold "Carrie" necklace - found on Pinterest, no price included
Black slip dress - Zara $50.00
Pink ruffle heels - Monsoon $114.00

I think this outfit is extremely cute, and fairly tame for Ms. Bradshaw's standards - seriously, one time, she wore a belt around her bare stomach.  Not even around a shirt!  Also, she wore a necklace with a gold pretzel on it...but that I kind of loved.  The underwear-as-outerwear look is very trendy right now, and I love the statement trench.  The ever-present "Carrie" necklace (I'm over it) and the pink heels complete the look.  The heels, by the way, are a total knockoff of the Louboutins she's ACTUALLY seen wearing here, but at a waaaay more reasonable price.  The Louboutins were later ruined by Miranda's amniotic fluid.  Gross.

Also side note, how rude was Carrie when she found a gold engagement ring in Aiden's stuff, threw up, and then trash talked Aiden and the ring to her friends later.  "I wear ghetto gold, as a joke!"  Seriously.  That god of a man wanted to propose to you, and you bitch about the ring's metal.  And that doesn't even include when she wears the ring around her neck instead of on her damn finger.  And all Aiden wanted to do was eat fried chicken with you in bed.  You bitch.

Daisy Buchanan, The Great Gatsby (photo from here)

Faux fur jacket - H&M $57.00
Cream sequined flapper dress - Frock and Frill $220.00
Silver glitter T-strap heels - Blue Velvet Vintage $35.00
Jenny Packham headdress - ShopBop $725.00
Sidney Garber diamond flower ring - Barney's $15,735.00
Lido freshwater pearl bracelet - John Lewis $180.00
Stretch bracelet - Forever New $18.00

Daisy Buchanan may not be the brightest of bulbs, but man, that girl could dress!  I love the 1920s flapper style of clothing, and I totally wish I could walk around the mall dressed like this.  This outfit is dripping in bling, the sparklier the better.  Also, I'm in love with those earrings (they're on my Christmas list!).

Kelly Kapowski, Saved by the Bell (photos from here)

Rag and Bone distressed denim vest - La Garconne $220.00
Floral crop top - Forever 21 $28.00
Pink opal and diamond pendant - JCPenney $184.00
Morgan mini skirt - Zalando $41.00
Keds pink sneakers - The Hut $57.00

The heart pendant is in reference to the red "Zack Morris" heart that Zack tried to force on Kelly (using subliminal messages, no less!) in season 1.  In other news, Zack Morris is awful.

Pink cropped hoodie - TopShop $36.00
SuperTrash floral jeans - We Like Fashion $68.00
Keds eyelet sneakers - MadeWell $45.00

These eyelet sneakers are adorable.  If Kelly wasn't perpetually stuck in the 90s, I like to think she would trade up from her plain white Keds.

Lindsay Weir, Freaks and Geeks (photo from here)

Army jacket - Calypso $165.00
Plaid shirt - American Eagle $28.00
Hobo bag - Etsy $8.98
Victoria Beckham boyfriend jeans - Boutique 1 $388.00
Black loafers - ModCloth $89.00

Lindsay, heroine of the most awesome and unfortunately short-lived shows in history, made a green army surplus jacket into a wardrobe staple.  It was worn in literally every single episode.  I bought an oversized military-green winter coat last year, and secretly, every time I wear it, I refer to it in my head as "My Lindsay Weir coat."  

Scarlett O'Hara, Gone With the Wind (photo from here)

Lisbeth Dahl ruffle umbrella - John Lewis $41.00
Michael Kors dress - Yoox $1,078.00

I don't really like to admit it, but I freaking love Scarlett O'Hara.  Even though she effed up and lost Rhett Butler, the manliest man there ever was.  She was such a badass!  Pair this outfit with some matte red lipstick, it's definitely modern-day Scarlett.

Madeline, the Madeline books (photo from here)

Yellow cap - Boticca $340.00
Knit scarf - Banana Republic $70.00
Ted Baker blue coat - Van Mildert $485.00
Mary jane flats - MiuMiu $590.00

I never really got into the Madeline books as a kid, but I always loved her ability to mix and match primary colors.  I adore this cobalt coat, and the blocked heel gives the flats a little something special.

Max, Where the Wild Things Are (photo from here)

Gold feather headband - Etsy $95.00
Belted linen dress - Lord & Taylor $54.00
Nina Ricci feather cuff - Barney's $795.00
Fair Isle knee socks - Brooks Brothers $20.00
Faux fur cuffed wedge boots - New Look $13.00 (WHAT?!  Thirteen bucks?!  I gotta get me some of these!!!)

The movie did NOT do this book justice.  Let the wild rumpus start!

Dorothy Gale, The Wizard of Oz

Chiffon blouse - H&M $21.00
Splendid gingham shorts - The Outnet $50.00
Gucci red patent leather cork wedges - Profile Fashion $875.00
12-Hour red lipstick - Tarte Cosmetics $26.00
Wicker handbag - Etsy $42.00
Gingham dress - Shiny Style, no price included

The left outfit is what a modern-day Dorothy would wear on a date to an amusement park or something.  The right outfit is for the bookworms who know that Dorothy's slippers were actually silver...not ruby.  

Lucy Ricardo, I Love Lucy (photos from here, here, and here)

Hourglass lipstick in Icon - Liberty $36.00
Textured cigarette trousers - TopShop $40.00
Cultured pearl earrings - Blue Nile $1,370.00


Parkhurst head wrap - Nordstrom $28.00
Vintage cat eye glasses - Etsy $106.00
Victoria Beckham satin top - My Theresa $1,295.00
Red Valentino lace prom skirt - Harrod's $575.00
Crown Vintage pump - DSW $55.00

Velvet hair comb - TopShop $25.00
Eclectica silver brooch - John Lewis $155.00
Jason Wu high-waisted tuxedo pants - Net-A-Porter $995.00
Pointed ballet flats - ASOS $31.00

Lucy Ricardo is my spirit animal.  I love everything about her...pretty sure I should have been a young woman in the 1950s.  Her cigarette holders, her penchant for cigarette pants and flats, and her great use of polka's all just perfect.  I love the outfit she is wearing when she tells her Cuban hottie of a husband that she is pregnant - I've always imagined that the housecoat she is wearing is red.

I hope my fashion icons served as some inspiration to you!  Go create some outfits! :)