Friday, November 22, 2013

Etsy Roundup: A Vintage Christmas

One of my favorite parts of the holidays is decorating the house.  This is only the second year that Jared and I have had a house all our own to deck out with twinkle lights and fragrant wreaths, and honestly, I'm still trying to perfect my whole holiday-decorating-without-going-tacky-and-overboard thing.  I tend to get a little nuts with the glitter.  My mom, however, has Christmas decorating down to a science.  Since I was old enough to do so, I loved helping her and my dad put ornaments on the tree and set out Santa Clauses in various sizes - to the tunes of Kenny and Dolly's christmas album, of course.  And I'm guessing that about 85% of my mom's pieces are original vintage items - I'm pretty enamored of them all!  Her home during the month of December is my inspiration for this roundup of all things vintage holiday from Etsy.

*Holiday bubble light bulbs - My mom has these for both Christmas and Halloween.  These are from the 60s, and they're super fun and colorful.

*Aluminum Christmas tree - We have one of these, from the 60s as well, that has the original color light wheel that lights the branches up different colors.

*This ceramic tree from the 1970s sits proudly on top of our piano.  I love the multicolored twinkle lights!

*These adorable little houses, made in the 50s, are covered in glitter and faux snow.  They look so cute all clustered together in a Christmas village.  They would also look awesome if you created a little holiday scene inside a bell jar or something, a la the Pinterest craze.

*A wire advent Christmas tree (from the 70s) would look equally amazing holding holiday cards or used as a unique advent calendar.  You could use this in so many ways!

*Nothing screams December 25th at me than the perfectly imperfect tree ornaments from the 50s-70s.  Though I like the originals best, there are some great reproductions out there.

*This wreath made from silver and gold bulbs is only from the 1980s, but you could easily make one yourself too!  I've seen some pretty awesome reproductions of this wreath at Target, only they use ornaments that are all glittery and bedazzled.

*It just isn't Christmas without a little Bing!  This Bing Crosby record is a holiday classic...though to be honest, I prefer our Gene Autry Cowboy Christmas album :)

Enjoy your holiday!  :)


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