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Fashion Inspired by Characters, Part 1: Books and Television

So many times, while watching a movie or reading a book, I am drawn in by the actress' clothing or the nearly loving descriptions of a protagonist's dress and heels.  It can be something as simple as a mention of a main character's earrings in a novel for young adults; it can even be just a glimpse of a green glove.  I thought it might be fun to show you some of the fashion Polyvores I have created based on these characters.  Unfortunately, there are way too many to fit in one blog post, so I will save all my movie characters for another one (prepare yourself for Clueless-inspired tartan and Disney princess fashion ;)).

Fashionable Ladies (Plus a Boy Named Max) from Fiction and Television

Claudia Kishi of the Babysitter's Club series (photo from here)

Mean Girls inspired sweatshirt - Etsy $29.00
Button earrings - Etsy $14.00
Black scrunchie - ASOS $8.90
Transparent bag - as seen in Vogue, price not included
Aztec print leggings - Fashion Union $13.00
Dr. Marten pink boots - Nasty Gal $170.00

As described in "Claudia and the Mystery at the Museum": "I love to put outrageous outfits together, and I hate looking like everyone else.  I mean, I do wear trendy clothes, like leggings and big slouchy socks and Doc Marten boots, but I always add my own touches so that I stand out from the crowd.  For instance, earrings I've made myself, or a big belt that I found in a thrift store.  I also like to play around with my hair.  One day I'll wear it in a French braid, and the next day it'll be in a ponytail on the top of my head."  Obviously, this list wouldn't be complete without Claudia Kishi, whose fashion sense Ann M. Martin reeeeally went out of her way to describe in every single book.  Constantly wearing handmade earrings, neon prints, and a bracelet made out of a telephone cord, Claudia Kishi was the freaking shit.  I like to think that if she was...y'know, not fictional...she would love the trend in transparent bags and printed leggings.  And I know, I know:  Claudia Kishi has never seen the movie Mean Girls, so the sweatshirt wouldn't make much sense to her.  But I think it definitely fits her personality.

Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City (all photos from here)

Fendi baguette bag - Fendi $2,370.00
Flower brooch - Debenham's $7.78
Grey tank - Zadig & Voltaire $97.00
Full pleated skirt - House of Fraser $96.00
Turquoise sandal with feather ankle strap - My Wardrobe $875.00

Likewise, no list of fashionable silver screeners would be complete without the one and only Carrie Bradshaw.  Not the most likable of the gals on SATC - selfish!  And Big?  Really?  After all he's done to you? - but without a doubt the most fashionable.  This outfit was inspired by her trademark flower brooch (the bigger the better), as well as her iconic tutu in the opening credits.  And of course, Carrie would be nowhere without her heels and her Fendi baguette.

Floral-print trench coat - Dolce & Gabbana $639.00
Gold "Carrie" necklace - found on Pinterest, no price included
Black slip dress - Zara $50.00
Pink ruffle heels - Monsoon $114.00

I think this outfit is extremely cute, and fairly tame for Ms. Bradshaw's standards - seriously, one time, she wore a belt around her bare stomach.  Not even around a shirt!  Also, she wore a necklace with a gold pretzel on it...but that I kind of loved.  The underwear-as-outerwear look is very trendy right now, and I love the statement trench.  The ever-present "Carrie" necklace (I'm over it) and the pink heels complete the look.  The heels, by the way, are a total knockoff of the Louboutins she's ACTUALLY seen wearing here, but at a waaaay more reasonable price.  The Louboutins were later ruined by Miranda's amniotic fluid.  Gross.

Also side note, how rude was Carrie when she found a gold engagement ring in Aiden's stuff, threw up, and then trash talked Aiden and the ring to her friends later.  "I wear ghetto gold, as a joke!"  Seriously.  That god of a man wanted to propose to you, and you bitch about the ring's metal.  And that doesn't even include when she wears the ring around her neck instead of on her damn finger.  And all Aiden wanted to do was eat fried chicken with you in bed.  You bitch.

Daisy Buchanan, The Great Gatsby (photo from here)

Faux fur jacket - H&M $57.00
Cream sequined flapper dress - Frock and Frill $220.00
Silver glitter T-strap heels - Blue Velvet Vintage $35.00
Jenny Packham headdress - ShopBop $725.00
Sidney Garber diamond flower ring - Barney's $15,735.00
Lido freshwater pearl bracelet - John Lewis $180.00
Stretch bracelet - Forever New $18.00

Daisy Buchanan may not be the brightest of bulbs, but man, that girl could dress!  I love the 1920s flapper style of clothing, and I totally wish I could walk around the mall dressed like this.  This outfit is dripping in bling, the sparklier the better.  Also, I'm in love with those earrings (they're on my Christmas list!).

Kelly Kapowski, Saved by the Bell (photos from here)

Rag and Bone distressed denim vest - La Garconne $220.00
Floral crop top - Forever 21 $28.00
Pink opal and diamond pendant - JCPenney $184.00
Morgan mini skirt - Zalando $41.00
Keds pink sneakers - The Hut $57.00

The heart pendant is in reference to the red "Zack Morris" heart that Zack tried to force on Kelly (using subliminal messages, no less!) in season 1.  In other news, Zack Morris is awful.

Pink cropped hoodie - TopShop $36.00
SuperTrash floral jeans - We Like Fashion $68.00
Keds eyelet sneakers - MadeWell $45.00

These eyelet sneakers are adorable.  If Kelly wasn't perpetually stuck in the 90s, I like to think she would trade up from her plain white Keds.

Lindsay Weir, Freaks and Geeks (photo from here)

Army jacket - Calypso $165.00
Plaid shirt - American Eagle $28.00
Hobo bag - Etsy $8.98
Victoria Beckham boyfriend jeans - Boutique 1 $388.00
Black loafers - ModCloth $89.00

Lindsay, heroine of the most awesome and unfortunately short-lived shows in history, made a green army surplus jacket into a wardrobe staple.  It was worn in literally every single episode.  I bought an oversized military-green winter coat last year, and secretly, every time I wear it, I refer to it in my head as "My Lindsay Weir coat."  

Scarlett O'Hara, Gone With the Wind (photo from here)

Lisbeth Dahl ruffle umbrella - John Lewis $41.00
Michael Kors dress - Yoox $1,078.00

I don't really like to admit it, but I freaking love Scarlett O'Hara.  Even though she effed up and lost Rhett Butler, the manliest man there ever was.  She was such a badass!  Pair this outfit with some matte red lipstick, it's definitely modern-day Scarlett.

Madeline, the Madeline books (photo from here)

Yellow cap - Boticca $340.00
Knit scarf - Banana Republic $70.00
Ted Baker blue coat - Van Mildert $485.00
Mary jane flats - MiuMiu $590.00

I never really got into the Madeline books as a kid, but I always loved her ability to mix and match primary colors.  I adore this cobalt coat, and the blocked heel gives the flats a little something special.

Max, Where the Wild Things Are (photo from here)

Gold feather headband - Etsy $95.00
Belted linen dress - Lord & Taylor $54.00
Nina Ricci feather cuff - Barney's $795.00
Fair Isle knee socks - Brooks Brothers $20.00
Faux fur cuffed wedge boots - New Look $13.00 (WHAT?!  Thirteen bucks?!  I gotta get me some of these!!!)

The movie did NOT do this book justice.  Let the wild rumpus start!

Dorothy Gale, The Wizard of Oz

Chiffon blouse - H&M $21.00
Splendid gingham shorts - The Outnet $50.00
Gucci red patent leather cork wedges - Profile Fashion $875.00
12-Hour red lipstick - Tarte Cosmetics $26.00
Wicker handbag - Etsy $42.00
Gingham dress - Shiny Style, no price included

The left outfit is what a modern-day Dorothy would wear on a date to an amusement park or something.  The right outfit is for the bookworms who know that Dorothy's slippers were actually silver...not ruby.  

Lucy Ricardo, I Love Lucy (photos from here, here, and here)

Hourglass lipstick in Icon - Liberty $36.00
Textured cigarette trousers - TopShop $40.00
Cultured pearl earrings - Blue Nile $1,370.00


Parkhurst head wrap - Nordstrom $28.00
Vintage cat eye glasses - Etsy $106.00
Victoria Beckham satin top - My Theresa $1,295.00
Red Valentino lace prom skirt - Harrod's $575.00
Crown Vintage pump - DSW $55.00

Velvet hair comb - TopShop $25.00
Eclectica silver brooch - John Lewis $155.00
Jason Wu high-waisted tuxedo pants - Net-A-Porter $995.00
Pointed ballet flats - ASOS $31.00

Lucy Ricardo is my spirit animal.  I love everything about her...pretty sure I should have been a young woman in the 1950s.  Her cigarette holders, her penchant for cigarette pants and flats, and her great use of polka's all just perfect.  I love the outfit she is wearing when she tells her Cuban hottie of a husband that she is pregnant - I've always imagined that the housecoat she is wearing is red.

I hope my fashion icons served as some inspiration to you!  Go create some outfits! :)


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