Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fashion Inspired by Seuss

So it was just before my long, long break from blogging that the Lorax came out in the theaters, lining up nicely with Dr. Seuss' birthday.  And obviously, me being the Seuss fan that I am, I went to see it.  And during the movie, I found myself distracted.  Not by the vivid colors or the strong environmental message, no, not even by the fact that The Once-ler was so obviously voiced by Andy "The Nard-Dog" Bernard of Office fame.  Nope, I was distracted by The Once-ler's green gloves.  Need a reminder?

Those damn green gloves (pic from here) even enthralled me when I was little and obsessed with the picture book.  But this time, it wasn't because of the mysteriousness of the elusive Once-ler.  This time, my eyes were drawn to the gloves because, for some reason, they reminded me of Blair Waldorf.

Gorgeous, right?!  (from here)  So I thought to myself, If Dr. Seuss can create such fashion, then why can't I?  Well, here goes, I'll give it a try!  Except not in rhyme.  So using this amazing website called Polyvore, I created the following looks:  Dr. Seuss-inspired fashion.

The Once-ler and his Green Gloves (The Lorax):

Burberry London trench coat
Spirit by Luchesse Ali riding boot
Fossil handbag
Aspinal of London gloves
I would wear this on a slightly rainy fall day...I can't say the ensemble necessarily "speaks for the trees," so I don't think the Lorax would approve.  However, the villainous but absolutely classy Once-ler?  Totally.

The Star-Bellied Sneetches (The Sneetches and Other Stories):

I would love to lounge around the house in my star-bellied sweater! 

Gertrude McFuzz (Yertle the Turtle and Other Stories):

Gertrude McFuzz would be SUCH a stunna with all these feathers that Lolla Lee Lou, with her meager two feathers, wouldn't even know what to think.  This is an outfit only to be worn by the daring.

The Cat in the Hat:

I LOVE this outfit (duh, I created it!) and would wear it out on a sunny picnic date!  Much more sophisticated than the Cat's giant, ridiculous hat.  (I have always been kind of leery of that Cat anyway.  He comes into these kids' house as a total stranger, says "Let's have some fun," and messes up their house?  What the hell?!  As Stephanie Tanner would say...How rude!)

The Pale Green Pants (from What Was I Scared of? - The Sneetches and Other Stories):

You should know that I was terrified of this story when I was a child.  See, it's about this pair of pale green pants that walk around...WITHOUT AN OWNER.  An empty pair of pants!!!!  How freaking scary is that?!  And the narrator is initially terrified as well, but then becomes friends with the pants later on.  And when I was younger, I was like, "Narrator, you crazy!  You don't just go around being friendly with a floating pair of pants.  You run from those pants."  But I have to say...I would be friends with these pants.  They're so pretty.


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