Monday, May 21, 2012

Moving Day Approaches....

I really, really, really did not want to live with Jared before we were married.  Not because I don't believe in that kind of thing, but because I was afraid that once we moved in together, then after we got married, nothing would change.  We would have a piece of paper saying that we were husband and wife, sure, but the fun decorating/painting/move-in stage?  Over and done with.  But then I thought:  Who cares?  We are still doing all of those things, just a bit out of order, if you will.  Besides, what really matters is that we'll be together.  Okay, puke.  ANYWAY.

We happened to fall into this really great deal of a house in my hometown...3 blocks away from my parents.  I KNOW.  I'm not thrilled about this part, but my gosh, I'm in love with the house.  Tons of shelving, a beautiful red kitchen, and his 'n' hers bathrooms...What more could I want? :)  And we get to move in...drum roll...this weekend!!!!!!!  I am more excited than I can express, though I'm not sure I can say the same for Jared.  My poor fiance is basically in shock of how many boxes I have already packed full of my stuff.  And we've only just begun.  Oh, the joys of moving!

So since I stopped buying Teen Vogue and started buying Martha Stewart Living and House Beautiful (I'm officially old), I've dog-eared hundreds of pages and ripped out even more pictures of pretty houses.  And over the years, I've noticed a theme of sorts, several things that kept on popping up within the shreds of paper.  And these things are as follows, the parts that make up my Dream House:

1.  A unique headboard
There are so many things you can use for different headboard options, and I think all of these are beautiful!  You can use a large piece of fabric, a pretty piece of art, an old wooden pallet, a folding screen, a fabric-covered canvas....
(from here)

A cool piece of shelving...
(from here)

An old wooden door...
(from here)

Or even a pair of old shutters!
(from here)

2.  An accent wall
I also love the idea of having one accent wall somewhere in the house, whether it's one wallpapered wall, one slightly different shade, or a bright splash of color.  I think it's so fun and attention-getting!
It can be obvious...
(from here)

Or more subtle.
(from here)

3.  A black and white bathroom OR walk-in closet
I don't know why I like this so much.  Jared and my mom both hate it and say it reminds them of a circus.  But maybe that's why I like it?
(from here)

(from here)

4.  Bright front door
You've already heard all about my obsession with this.

5.  Bright yellow paint SOMEwhere
Maybe a door...

Maybe a room...

Or maybe just a dresser.  Love!

6.  A photo wall
(from here)
Enough said.  Beautiful!

7.  A beautiful, clean, white and grey bedroom
If we could have this exact bedroom, we'd pee in our pants.  For real.

8.  Chalkboard
(from here)
I love the idea of using chalkboard paint as a kitchen backsplash!

Sigh.  If only, if only!  Well, back to packing!



  1. Your blog is awesome! Just one comment: wouldn't the old shutters leave paint chips in the bed? :P

  2. :) :) Meh, I'll keep a Dustbuster stashed in the nightstand.