Thursday, May 10, 2012

I Just Died.

Okay.  SERIOUSLY?!   Pretty sure I need a paper bag to hyperventilate into, or I just might pass out. 

As of April 30th, Etsy (AKA the most amazing site in the world and the second love of my life) now has its own wedding registry.  I can't even begin to think of where to start.

Tackiness be damned:  We are now registered at Target, Kohl's, and bring on them gifts! ;)

Here's what I have found so far that I love on the FIRST FRIGGIN' PAGE:


  1.  These peacock-printed dishtowels will make drying off our plastic dishes seem extra-fancy and special!

2.  Ahhhhh, the Moroccan wedding blanket.  If only you weren't always soooo expensive, I would snatch you up in an instant.  And use you as a schnazzy rug under my dining room table with a chandelier like I saw in a magazine one time.

3.  I'm not sure why I've always wanted a vintage dictionary illustration poster, but I have.  And...I want this bird one in my bathroom.  Is this weird?

4.  This mint-green desk lamp makes me think of the the best way possible!

5.  Jared would love this iPhone dock made to look like the Steve Jobs book!  So fun!  Plus, this shop has this product in all different books.

6.  This pillow + yellow chair = love!

7.  This space-age alarm clock looks both old-fashioned and modern; it'd be a fun pop of color on a white nightstand!

8.  These drinking glasses are hilarious, and even though neither Jared nor I are drinkers, they'd be great for a party of some sort! 

9.  We all know how I feel about chevron.  And this wall hook is no exception. 

10.  This table is fantastic.  I would have no use for it and absolutely no room for it in my home, but isn't it a pretty color?

11.  I am obsessed with the bright colors of vintage Catherine Holm enamelware and would love to have a whole crapload of it on display in my kitchen!!


And bonus:  here are a few of my favorite things that Jared and I have already registered for at Target!  (By the way, he won't let me go in there anymore.  Everytime we go in there looking for something specific, we come out with over $100 worth of the most random things:  wall hangings, cosmetics...sometimes shoes.  Target is the best.)

Amazing owl lamp
Cute apple-print apron

Miniature chandelier 

And you may say, "Hey, Chelsea, what's in here for Jared?  All of these objects you've registered for look super girly and, honestly, kind of lame.  What's there for him?"  And to that I say:  Trust me.  We registered for many modern, black/white/grey things as well.  All of the electronics/appliances we registered for are very sleek and shiny looking (even a self-opening trash can, for goodness sake), which he apparently enjoys quite a bit.  He also, oddly, insisted upon registering for a fancy-looking strawberry huller.  Which, why?  First of all, I have never personally witnessed him eating a strawberry.  Secondly, what IS a huller and is it a necessity when eating strawberries?

Also on the list, matching yoga mats (hee!), a couples' cookbook, and various games including BADMINTON!! (Please?) :)

Ever so flattering photo captioned by Jared - who else?


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