Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Christmas Isn't About Gifts, But Gifts Sure are Nice!

Just to clarify:  Christmas is about time spent with family, not about receiving gifts.

Okay, now that we've cleared that up...I've done some Christmas gift lists before (mother gifts, cousin gifts, sister gifts).  Inspired by the latest HGTV magazine and all the neat things on Oprah's yearly List, I'm going to do another one!  Many magazines and websites refer to things like I'm going to include "hostess gifts," but let's be honest, how often does one really give a "hostess gift"?  So I'm going to refer to this list as The Christmas Gift Guide for Cool People and Gifts I Would Love to Receive.  Also, I promise that one of these days I'll get around to doing a list for dudes.

1.  The 1990s Coloring Book!  Featuring music, television, movies, and yes, fashion from the 90s...this is just awesome.  It includes Boy Meets World, trapper keepers, and Beanie Babies.  What else would you ever want to color?!  - Amazon, $8.10

2.  Enamel fondue set - Jared and I have an actual vintage version of this, in a very 1970s shade of orange.  Now, we've never actually used it.  But it's very pretty, and I have lots of ideas about melting various chocolates and cheeses!  It's even prettier in this shade of teal, and a STEAL of a price! - World Market, $17.49

3.  Jingle bell spreaders set - These would be adorable (if a little annoying) to "spread" some holiday cheer around your home!  (See what I did there?) - Pier1, $13.56

4.  Hedgehog pencil holder - I love this little guy!  He'd look so cute sitting on my desk, holding pens and pencils and old love notes from middle school! Anthropologie never fails to deliver the cuteness.  - Anthropologie, $32.00

5.  Gold zebra stacking dish - Ohhh, Jonathan Adler, how I love you.  Such beautiful things, such stupid prices.  This zebra dish would look awesome holding rings, ponytail holders, or paperclips! - Jonathan Adler, $32.00

6.  Leather hardshell iPhone 5 case - This could totally be for a guy!  Jared would love this iPhone case, and so do I.  Unfortunately, we are currently both Samsung owners :(  Boo.  - Restoration Hardware, $29.00

7.  "Though she be but little, she is fierce" print - I love Emily McDowell's products.  She has some awesome cards and art prints over on her site!  This particular print is one of my favorite quotes, from Shakespeare. - Emily McDowell, $26.00

8.  Help I Have Problems kit - This is such a fun idea.  Basically each case says the following:  Help I Have a Headache, Help I'm Nauseous, Help I Have an Aching Body, Help I Can't Sleep, Help I Have a Blister, or Help I'm Tired.  And each case includes a little "cure" for what ails ya.  Great for travelers.  Fab, $22.00

9.  Rechargeable hand warming prism - This cute and colorful little pod recharges in only three hours, and it can keep you warm for about six hours or so.  - Fab, $29.00

Bonus book gift:

Humans of New York - Brandon Stanton

This is a great photography coffee table book that is on my Christmas list as well!  Based on a popular blog, this photographer travels around his city to capture people and their stories.  Each endearing and relatable photo is accompanied by an anecdote or quote.  I can't wait to flip through this book.
Amazon, $17.99

I would be happy to see any of these items under my tree!  Even though, um, I don't care about getting presents.... :)


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