Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Gift Guide: For Your Trendy Older Sister, whose Dog is her Baby and who Always Knows the Latest Celebrity Gossip

I will have you know in advance that I recently discovered this amaaaazing website,, that highlights new and talented designers in everything from clothing to home design to techy gadgets and offers them at pretty decent prices.  The stumbling upon of that site led to a three-hour long binge of pure eye candy and birthday-list-building, and it explains why I got a little out of control with this list :)

1.  Well...okay.  This is odd, but let's just admit to ourselves that the kangaroo balls of the 90s were crazy amounts of fun.  (Side note:  don't ever google "kangaroo balls".  Ever.  Apparently the proper name for them is "Space Hopper.")  Also, maybe your sister is frequently asking you new and fun ways to get exercise that do not involve running, and maybe you are running out of here's a solution.  Who knows, this "adult jumping ball" could be the new answer to rock-hard glutes and thighs!  ($24)

2.  These cozy Sperry boots from JCrew would be the fashionable replacement for her thin Uggs she wears in the winter to put her puppy outside!  They are totally waterproof; the bottom half is lined with rubber, the top half with warm shearling...they also come in pink. ($138)

3.  This shiny little fox would be perfect for organizing her pens and pencils at her work desk!  (Also, if she doesn't like it, she can give it to me, please!) ($15)

4.  A happy little pillow reflects her love of cupcakes! ($35)

5.  She's been needing a decent cutting board for while now, and I love this one!  It's made completely from bamboo, and the bright yellow strips at the corners are actually silicone grippers to keep the board in place as you cut.  ($13 - a steal!)

6.  Sigh.  How fun is this relic from the 80s - a hot pink door stop masquerading as a rollerskate?!  The fact that she is obsessed - obsessed! - with rollerskating almost makes this quirky skate worth its steep price tag.  Almost.  ($130)

7. Here we have a dog stroller.  Featuring a canopy and basket, mesh windows, an orthopedic memory foam pad for your pup, a drink holder for you, and, yes, even safety LED lights.  Because she totally would if she could. ($240)

8.  I really love this idea.  You send this artist an actual photo of your pet, and she creates a silhouette print of it; you customize the color, background print, text, and size.  Such a great and cute gift idea!  ($45)

9.  Or how about an original poster of one of her favorite movies?  Because no, nobody puts Baby in a corner. ($23)

And a Bonus Book Gift for Sisters...
Love in Mid Air by Kim Wright
I read this a pretty long time ago, so I don't remember specific plot points.  But I do remember being impressed with the author's ability to write a sympathetic main character who, in actuality, shouldn't be all that likeable.  See, it was the first time I had ever read a novel in which a character cheated on his/her spouse where I actually supported or felt for that character.  Elyse is in emotional turmoil after a chance encounter with a man on a plane...who she begins a relationship with though she is seemingly happily married.  This affair throws her whole life - not just her marriage, but her friends as well - off course, and she questions herself and her choices.  This book is basically about a woman finding her freedom and independence, and though I didn't particularly want to like the main character, I did. (From $5.60 on Amazon)
What I Thought I Knew by Alice Eve Cohen
This was one of the most amazing memoirs I have ever read.  Alice has such a witty and honest voice, and she maintains her sense of humor even as she describes the medical disaster that she went through.  The author has been told for years that she is infertile; but after a bout of stomach pains, she finds herself in the midst of an incredibly high-risk pregnancy.  This was definitely a page-turner, and it included heartbreaking moments with humor thrown in to lighten the somber mood.  Really really great.  ($9.98 on Amazon)

Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James
Oh, come on.  It's fine.  Just read it already.  ($9.00 on Amazon)

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