Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Oh Oh Ombre!!

I was tired of my hair.  It's been pin-straight and brown with blunt bangs for about five years now, and it's getting old.  However, I'm not tired of it enough to grow the bangs out yet...I'm not ready to say goodbye!  So I decided to do the ombre thing.  It's very subtle, the bottom is just a lighter honey shade - believe it or not, that is a drastic change for me.  I was inspired by Lea Michele off of Glee, whose hair I've been obsessed with all season!
(picture from here)
So pretty!
I'm pretty sure I'm about three seasons behind on the ombre trend, but that's pretty typical for me. :)  Since the change in hair, my eye has been drawn to all things ombre - don't get me wrong, I'm still obsessed with chevron - but this has definite possibility to be a new "thing" for me.
Etsy Roundup - Ombre Edition!
1.  Hand-dyed ombre tights - Though I am intrigued by this trend in hosiery, I would have no friggin' clue how to go about wearing these.  Maybe with a plain black skirt/dress and boots?  They are cute, but they confuse me!
2.  Ombre chevron painting - AAAAH!  Ombre and chevron in the same pretty piece!!!  I love!  This would be super easy to replicate at home too. 
3.  Set of 5 ombre hair ties - These kinds of hair ties are my favorite because they don't leave dents in your hair when you take out your ponytail.  The pretty dip-dyed colors are a bonus!  Plus, they would look awesome on your wrist when they aren't in your hair - I wear mine as bracelets sometimes.
4.  Custom ombre aisle runner - I love this idea!  If I had to plan the wedding all over again - God forbid, moststressfulthingever - I might use something like this.  The downside is that what's shown in the picture is actually flower petals, which I would think would get all kerbobbled in the train of your dress and drag all over hell and mess up the pretty ombre pattern.'s a nice idea. :)
5.  Ombre beaded necklace - I love the simplicity of this orange statement necklace.  It looks like something you could easily handmake, but it would look so awesome with a plain white T.
6Ombre infinity scarf - Infinity scarves are my favorite in the winter - they're so easy!  This one is a pretty rust color and looks super warm.
7.  Pink ombre cardboard Christmas trees - These laser cut trees are so fun and unique for a holiday centerpiece!  I kind of want to buy them for myself!
A sidenote:  You would not believe how many pairs of ombre dip-dyed denim hot pants are up for sale on Etsy.  My Lord.  Sorry those didn't make the list.  Yikes.

And a very unflattering picture of my hair.  You definitely notice the color difference more in person :)

I love it love it love it!!!!


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