Tuesday, December 4, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...Well, Y'Know...

Christmas has officially arrived at the Price household! 

Farewell, fall.....

Though fall is by far my favorite season, and I was disappointed to put away all of the pretty pumpkins and the apple cinnamon-scented candles, the Christmas decorations are definitely starting to grow on me...even Jared's beloved white tree. :)  And no, your eyes don't deceive you, that is indeed the most badass wreath you have ever seen or will ever see.  It's the 8-bit Nintendo wreath from thinkgeek, and if possible, it's even cooler in person - the gold coins light up and twinkle!
Also, now that our furnace has begun to blow out cold air instead of warm, it even feels like Christmas in here.  Gotta love Iowa!
I bought an advent calendar exactly like the ones I remember loving sooo much as a kid - the little piece of chocolate in different holiday shapes was always the highlight of my morning - thinking that Jared and I would, I don't know, flip for it every morning or something.  But I don't know what happened.  Did they change these?  Or did I just grow up?  Because the chocolate legit tastes like meat.  Jared, I believe, described it as..."rotten charbroiled hamburger?"  So instead of fighting over who gets to eat the delicious treat, we fight over who has to eat the meat chocolate...can't waste that three bucks, you know. :)  So anyway.
Instead of this crappy advent calendar, I figured I would join in with many other bloggers and participate in the 12 Dates of Christmas!  And once, we track down an evergreen branch worthy enough for our wall, it will hang above our couch, like so:
(tutorial and picture via here)
The date ideas I have thought of so far are as follows:
*Volunteer to walk dogs at the Humane Society
*Drive around Clear Lake to look at the beautiful houses and Christmas lights
*Go to Gamers and pick out two games to buy and play together that night (N64 for Jared, Super Nintendo for me) - guess whose idea this was! :)
*Shop for vintage Christmas wrapping paper and decorations
*Wrap gifts together while watching Christmas Vacation - "Don't throw me down, Clark!"
*Go to the mall and shop for Christmas pjs to wear on Christmas Eve together - sooo dorky :)
*Write and send out couple's Christmas cards
*Bake Christmas cookies and go ice-skating
*Have a fun little Christmas get-together at our place!
Do you have any romantic ideas planned for the holidays??

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