Friday, February 3, 2012

5 Reasons To Watch Puppy Bowl VII

Ahh..  Blogging.. Something that I never thought I'd do until I met Chelsea. Hmm.. Interesting how someone can change your views on something. :) Anyways.. I probably won't be posting nearly as much as my fiance, but when I do.. I'm  going to make damn sure it's top notch.

It's that time of the year, when the best of the best head against once another... Puppy Bowl 2012. I've been watching the Puppy Bowl for the last few years, and I can't seem to get over how cute it is. It's becoming an annual tradition, and it really passes the time before the actual big game. If you haven't caught the Puppy Bowl before then I'll go over the basic format of the game for you. It consists of a number of puppies playing around in an Animal Planet Stadium that is built just for them. and they also have cheerleaders which consist of little bunnies, chickens, and piggies. Also, the Puppy Bowl even includes a real referee, who occasionally tosses the flag on the puppies when they're playing around with one another, and a Kitty Half-Time Show. There are a whole bunch of doohickeys that are involved in the game such as the "bowl cam", which provides shots of the puppy taking a water break. It's just an enjoyable time to sit back and watch some puppies play around. :)

Top 5 Reasons to Watch Puppy Bowl VIII

1) Puppies - Who doesn't want to watch a bunch of fun, loving puppies frolicking around? Everyone loves these little fellas, and it can turn anyone's frown upside down.Puppies set on a football field with a football shaped chew toys, and other puppy toys, and watch these puppies run, chew and play their way to the end zone.

2) Kitty Half Time Show - Surprisingly, this was the one of the cutest parts of the whole fiasco.  The adorable kittens provide us with quite the half time show by doing what kittens do best - play with cat toys, wrestle with each other and just sit there and look precious.

Here's the 2010 Kitty Half-Time Show:

3) Commercials - You wouldn't think that the commercials during the Puppy Bowl would be much, would you? You were probably thinking of the depressing homeless animals commercial, or Pedigree dog food commercials.. Wrong. Animal Planet!

4) Shelter Awareness - The whole point behind this event is to provide more awareness for animal shelters. I know everyone's seen those heartbreaking commercials with abused, neglected, homeless animals, so why not take a few minutes and save a pup or two.

5) The "Football" aspect - I love the fact that it's practically all puppies, but I love the fact they incorporate football terminology in it. :) I'm so glad that Animal Planet brought this to us for our viewing pleasure, it was well worth it. 

    "Unnecessary Ruff-Ruff-Ruffness"

Puppy Bowl 2012 Preview:

On a Side Note.. The Groundhog did in fact see his shadow according to the Washington Post :(

I hope everyone has a great Super Bowl weekend. :)

- Jrad

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