Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Little Pink Boxes = Happiness!

Have you heard of this amazing thing that is Birchbox?!  I heard of it via Nothing But Bonfires, who posted about it a while back, and I am in love.  Basically, when you sign up for the Birchbox "monthly subscription", you pay ten bucks a month to receive an adorable little pink box in the mail every four weeks that contains five or six (sample-sized) beauty/hair/body/lifestyle products, the likes of which you would find in a store like Sephora.  As a gal who used to write down literally every beauty tip and product mentioned in a magazine, this seemed...phenomenal. 

And yeah, I get it, I get that it's silly to spend a hundred bucks a year for sample sizes of beauty products, but you can cancel your subscription whenever you like; there's really no drawback to it.  Except.  Well, you know how you get the big fat September issue of InStyle or something and it's amazing in all its glossy glory and packed full of great tips and ideas for outfits?  And then all is good and well until maybe February rolls around, and you run to Target for the new issue, and it's approximately the thickness of the newest you dog-ear a couple pages or so, but really, you're kind of feeling like you wasted your money on this thing that should have been awesome?  Well, Birchbox CAN be like that.  It definitely varies month to month.  For example, one month, I received a full-size Stila eyeliner, a sample of Juicy Couture perfume, and this amazing fancy facial moisturizer that I am trying to use as sparingly as possible.  However, the next month, I got, like, fake eyelashes and a sample of a granola bar (among other things, yes, and, okay, I'm sure it's the brand of granola bar that, like, Kate Hudson eats, but still).  So you see how it is.  Sometimes you hit the jackpot and sometimes you don't. 

Regardless, I get so excited to see that hot pink box at the post office each month!  It's like Christmas comes 12 times a year instead of 1.  They also send a little postcard with each box that describes each product and how it can be used...and the box is decorated with fancy tissue paper (which is a different color each month)!  It is just fun.  Here's a list of the things I've received and loved since I signed up in November:

*Zoya nail polish in a kind of denim color
*Alex and Isabelle hair tie that doubles as a bracelet in a very festive red
*Thymes body lotion that smells SO GOOD and isn't greasy at all, which I love
*kate spade new york Twirl perfume - the packaging is adorable and it smells amazing
*Jouer moisturizing lip gloss in a hot pink color that is surprisingly sheer and flattering
*Clark's Botanicals Smoothing Marine Cream - at first sniff, I was a little nervous to put this on my face, but it's actually THE BEST facial moisturizer I've ever come across!  Sadly, though, I got on the website to try and buy some...and the smallest size costs $115.  Yeesh!
*colorescience pro Mineral Bronzer Face Color - This was a cute little puff that came all prepackaged with the bronzer inside.  The bronzer was very natural and subtle.
What do you think?  Is this something you would try?


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