Monday, February 20, 2012

Okay, I Liked It. I Liked The Vow. I'll Say It.

I didn't want to like this movie, I really didn't.  First of all, this is not a movie that originated from a Nicholas Sparks novel.  But people thought it was.  I wonder why.  I am steadfastly against the Nicholas Sparks-related movies (except, oh God, The Notebook, ohhh, Ryan Gosling), including but definitely not limited to:  A Walk to Remember, The Last Song (no Miley for me, thanks!), and Dear John.  I Just Say No to these movies.  And I don't understand women who say that Nicholas Sparks is their favorite author or The Lucky One is their favorite novel.  Yikes.  They don't know what else is out there.  So when I read the terrible reviews bashing The Vow and saying it may as well have been derived from a Sparks book, I said to myself, "Oh, boy, I won't be seein' that one!"

And when I saw the preview where Rachel McAdams gets married to Channing Tatum in an art museum wearing an adorable PINK wedding dress, I said to myself, "Huh.  Okay.  Well, I might be seein' it, but I sure as hell won't be enjoyin' it!"

So I went.  And I drug my fiance with me.  And we snuck in two huge monster cookies.  And I enjoyed myself through the whole darn thing!  So take THAT, cynical reviewers!  It definitely was not as bad as I expected.  I can't say it was good, necessarily, that would be against my moral code or something, but it was...nice. 

Also, the entire movie would have been worth it even if it was horrible.  Because while we were in line, Jared said to me, "So who's in this movie again?  That girl from The Notebook and...Tating Channum Carter?"  Yes.  Tating Channum Carter. 

Anyway.  You know the story; Rachel and Channing are happily married, but a tragedy occurs in which Rachel loses her memory and thinks it is 4 years ago, when she is basically a completely different person.  Channing's character must work to "make her fall in love" again, even though she is not even the same woman he married and doesn't remember anything about him or their lives together. 

Yes, it's predictable:  Do you really think she will get back together with her ex-fiance Scott Speedman and forget about Channing forever?  Well...hmm.  You need to read more Nicholas Sparks, I guess.  Yes, it's cheesy:  Channing's mumbling voiceover made me giggle, and at some point, Rachel used the phrase "live within the warmth of your heart and call it home." 

However, I enjoyed quite a few things about this movie.  (Cough...Channing Tatum's bare butt!) 

1.  The Wedding Scene.  I thought the part where they were married (in an art museum!) and got chased out by security was so unique and fun!  I loved Rachel's whole look in the scene, and the idea of having a little pink wedding dress is adorable.  Their vows, if a little over the top, were very cute, and I just enjoyed the entire sequence.
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2.  The Robyn song in the restaurant scene!!!!  Okay, this favorite thing is soooo tiny and ridiculous, but I couldn't help but squeal and turn to Jared in the theater when I noticed they were playing a Robyn song.  Robyn is from Sweden, and she's probably the most underrated performer of all time.  The song played in the movie isn't her best; it's called "Get Myself Together."  However, I am in love with Robyn, awkward dancing and all!  Check her out! 
3.  The book.  Okay, yeah, another case where I enjoyed the book better.  It was a very fast read about the true events that happened to a couple named Kim and Krickitt, and while it was more faith-based than the movie, it stuck pretty true to the plot.  I find the whole premise to be absolutely heartbreaking.  Imagine being that husband, who wants to kiss his wife goodbye in the morning, but can't because he's a stranger to her.  Imagine not being as infatuated with this version of your wife as you were with the one before the accident, but not really being able to do much about it.  I just think it's devastating, and the movie brought that out too.

You know you want to go see it.  Just do it.  It's at least a rental! 

And say hello to Tating Channum Carter (and his bare bum!) for me!


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