Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I am so so SOOOO excited to start crafting more for Valentine's Day!  I just wish I had more room to store such things :(  Tiny dorm rooms aren't exactly equipped for holding this much crap, and Jared and I have yet to find a house.  Here are some things I am looking forward to creating and sharing with you during the next few weeks:

1.  For some reason, I am attracted to anything involving mason jars, and this is no exception.  I think this lace-wrapped mason jars with candles inside would be perfect for an intimate Valentine's Day dinner!  Maybe with some red embellishments?  (from casasugar)

2.  I am all for homemade Valentines, the more creative, the better!  These stamped ones are especially cute.  (from design sponge)

3.  These Valentines are also very cute - love the retro art on the front!  And the red and white baker's twine - that's another one of my "things", along with mason jars and striped paper straws...I'm weird.  (from design sponge)

4.  This felt heart garland looks super easy to make and would look great on my grey wall!  (from a bit of sunshine)

5.  Doesn't this look like a perfect setting for a couple's V-Day dinner?  I'd love to create one of these myself, along with the garlands and mason jar chandelier!  (from a bit of sunshine)

6.  What better drink to have on Valentine's Day than one called "Cupid's Kiss"??  This looks so good!  (also from a bit of sunshine)

7.  This is basically just a branch hung in someone's window with glittery letters hanging from it, but I think it's so pretty!  (from Martha Stewart)

8.  My mom makes these pretzel/M&M snacks at Christmas time with red and green M&Ms and round pretzels; I think I just might start making the V-Day version!  (from Martha Stewart)

9.    This lovely vignette would look great on a mantle or bookshelf; so colorful and I love the typography!  (from spunky junky)

10.  I am seeing more and more art made from paint chips lately, and these Valentines made from paint chips are so cute and original - inexpensive, too!!  (from Country Living)

Here's a couple crafty things I worked on this afternoon as well:
This is a gorgeous antique scrapbook that Jared and I found and decided to use for our wedding guestbook!  We've filled it with pretty pictures and scrapbook-ish stuff; it's a work-in-progress!
Here's a sneaky peek of the very first page!  So excited about it :)

And here's a little photo collage I did today.  I got the frame at Target (in the Dollar Spot!!) and spruced it up a bit with some Valentine-esque decorations!  Fun!

One final report:  I went to the movies alone today...(Sidenote:  Am I weird for enjoying this?  It's just nice sometimes to be able to watch a movie in the theater by don't have to wonder if the person sitting beside you is enjoying it, whether or not they can see you crying, etc.  It's just peaceful!), and the movie I chose to see was The Descendants, starring George Clooney.  Normally, I find his movies to be very dull, no matter how many rave reviews the film gets.  However, this one held my attention for the entire two hours and did NOT let me down!  I certainly hope that this film gets more awards nods than Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, because it was sooooo much better.

Although the movie was long and a bit slow, I didn't get bored once.  It was all about George Clooney (who, by the way, I can FINALLY understand all of womenkind's attraction to:  it's his voice!) struggling to raise his two misbehaving daughters while his wife lays, comatose and dying, in a hospital.  There were many different storylines intertwined throughout the movie, but that was about the gist of it.  I found it fascinating that the wife did not have one speaking part in the film, but she played a MAJOR role in the plot in that her past actions had a huge effect on every single character around her.  Let's just say she was keeping some secrets...This is an amazing movie.  GO SEE IT.  But bring tissues - there were definitely a couple sad parts.

Things I'm looking forward to:  book reviews before the weekend AND some sort of Super Bowl party fun and festivities!  Goodnight!


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