Saturday, March 8, 2014

Cyber Saturdays: Awesome Things From Around the Internets!

I'm so sorry for the silence this week; I have been equal parts busy with some new projects and endeavors and also being lazy and babysitting two shi-tzus!  One of my new projects is this:  Second Chances.  A second blog dedicated to all things animals.  I'm hoping I will be able to network and get enough traffic to really be able to make a difference in the world of animal rescue.  Let me know if you have any suggestions, and please share the site to help spread the word about how important adopting animals is.

I've decided to add a new feature on the blog (and hopefully post more than once a week - yikes) - hence, Cyber Saturday, in which I post links and photos of things I have loved this week around the web.  I read at least ten blogs daily, and I am always bombarded with pretty, glittery, jealous-making inspiration from them, so I'll share some with you here.  I can't believe how equally amazing and time-sucking the Internet is.

I have only recently discovered the gorgeous time-waster that is Pinterest.  I've been pinning all morning.  It's ridiculous. Thank God I didn't make use of this tool during my wedding planning; I had a tough time making decisions from the magazine inspiration alone!  This is just one of the pins I found today (originally pinned from here), and I need to do it!  My jewelry storage is more decorative than functional (#firstworldproblems), and this stuff (all found for under $10!) would hold so! much! jewelry!!!

Some more Pin-spiration (originally from here).  Navy blue grasscloth plus chevron wainscoting!!!!  I'm in freaking love.  Hopefully this is "modern enough" for my husband's tastes.

These are fantastic.  I have been aware of O'Verlays for about a year now, but I only recently started reading one of the founders' blogs:  Gorgeous Shiny Things.  It's amazing and FULL of ideas and DIYs, and of course, she uses tons of O'Verlays to fancy up cabinets and nightstands.  It's pretty amazing what they can do to a plain old Ikea dresser.

I cannot get over this.  The Home Depot blog offers a tutorial on how to make a metallic "zebra skin" rug out of CANVAS DROPCLOTH!!!  I mean, I'm sure it's not all that pleasant to walk across, and maybe it doesn't look quite as good in person as the photo makes it look, but isn't it pretty?!  I want a faux-skin rug so badly, but they're always so pricey.  This is a nice, easy alternative.

Buzzfeed's lists on fashion and accessories are usually pretty meh, but I am obsessed with Tiffany blue, so I adored this.  The Hunter wellies on this list are so perfect, and I'm dying for a vintage refrigerator (which is, unfortunately, one of Jared's vetoes).  Everything about this color is perfect.

Simple Details blog (which is also great) featured DIY Tanzania wallpaper this week.  The real deal is very luxe and expensive, but she created this using a stencil and plain wallpaper.  Love that it's so easy to recreate a designer item!

Ikea makes a small, plain dresser called the Rast.  There are a million fun ways to spice it up; this is one of my favorites.  This blogger turned it into a faux campaign piece.  It's one of my favorite Ikea hacks that I've found - more on Ikea hacking later! :)

And here's one crappy little DIY by Jared and I, inspired by some projects on Pinterest.
Toddler art at its finest, amiright?!  Buuut we needed some St. Patty's Day art, and fingerpainting while watching the Oscars?  That's a date night that really can't be beat. :)

I'm posting a rescue-themed Cyber Saturday post over on Second Chances later on tonight, along with ANOTHER DIY I finished today, so head on over and check it out!

Thank you so much for reading <3


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