Sunday, March 9, 2014

Ikea Hack-spiration

Ikea is a godsend.  Thank goodness it is located about two hours away from me, because my wallet would be constantly empty if it was any closer...or at least, emptier than it is now, if that's possible.  Ikea is always sort of poked fun at because it's like, for people who can't afford real furniture or something, but I love it and I'm not ashamed!  When I'm in there, I go nuts:  Plastic rainbow-colored eating utensils that look like a toddler's first fork and spoon?!  I NEED THOSE!!  Fake flowers for 97 cents apiece?  YES PLEASE.  A tray with birds on it?!  HELL YES!!!  (I'm a sucker for the 'put a bird on it' trend - Portlandia?  Anyone?)

Jared promised me an Ikea trip next month - poor sucker has no idea what he's in for - and I've been researching some Ikea hacks so I can get the best bang for my buck!  Who needs to search for pricey antique side tables or pay a buttload for built-in shelving when they can save a fortune by Ikea-hacking?!  My mama didn't raise no fool.  It makes my life feel complete when I can save money through DIY - it's possible that that's a sign I need to get more of a life, but let's just move on.  :)

I hope to one day have the moolah and plumbing skills necessary to turn a dresser into a chic bathroom vanity (or maybe Dad can help me :) ), and this one from Apartment Therapy is absolutely fantastic.  This is a reasonably-priced kitchen island from Ikea repurposed into twin sinks.  Unfortunately, Ikea no longer makes this exact kitchen island, but there are very similar pieces there.  I also love the iridescent tile backsplash.

My mom was lucky enough to get her hands on a full-sized, standing library card catalog - she went to pick it up this weekend.  Grrr!  I have wanted one of these for a long time too, and while the full-sized ones are hard to find and usually very expensive, this one was created using a cheap, plain wood Ikea piece that (AAARGH!!!) has been discontinued, some stain, and brass pulls.  I love the vintagey look this has, even though it's a brand new piece.

Everyone knows the Ikea "Lack" table.  It is not very well made, shiny, and comes in several different colors.  But since it is TEN DOLLARS (!!!!), tons of hacks have been done using it (I even did one!).  Jared loves this lighted Lack, which was made using frosted glass and Christmas twinkle lights.  I like how it looks for sure - very pretty and luminous - but couldn't this be a fire hazard?  I'm also not sure about the cord that seems to be coming out of it - that would be kind of an eyesore.  It's a nice idea, though!

These lovely O'Verlays again!!!  The Malm dresser from Ikea was used in this case, given a glass top, and decorated with some gold-painted Greek Key O'Verlays.  Looks very glam; the styling in this room is impeccable, too - love the rug!

It's the Lack again, this time a slightly larger version.  I love the looks of mid-century furniture, particularly Eames pieces.  Ikea pieces, of course, don't have that.  So this blogger took the matter into her own hands by purchasing these legs from eBay and replacing the plain white legs with these babies!  Easy peasy!

I adore the Simple Details blog - so many good ideas there, and this Ikea hack is no exception.  These nesting tables are $60 for a set of two, and they come with all black trim.  Using gold spray paint and some drawer pulls, she created this luxe-looking piece!

Lots of the kitchen decor ideas I bookmark on the Internet involve either a butcher block island OR an island that includes shelving for recipe books.  But I've never seen an island with BOTH!!!  This blogger used several Billy bookshelves from Ikea (which are relatively cheap and come in many different sizes) and a slab of butcher block, which was also at Ikea (not so cheap), to create a genius island for her kitchen.

Rugs are so so so expensive.  Why do they have to be?!?!  If I couldn't have a Moroccan wedding blanket or the Souk rug from West Elm, I would want a Greek Key-patterned rug, and this DIY makes it actually possible.  This blogger used a plain cotton rug from Ikea, painter's tape, and plain old paint to create this masterpiece!

One day, I WILL have wall-to-wall bookcases in my house, and I don't care if they're built-ins or if they're faux built-ins created using Billy bookcases from Ikea!  These look pretty convincing to me, and they are wonderfully styled with all those pretty splashes of yellow.  Love this!

And one more from me:
(Yes, yes, I apologize for the shitty photo, unmade bed, etc.)  To make this headboard, I used two Lack tables (for $10 each from Ikea), and drilled/screwed/whatever all the pieces together using 2x4s laid horizontally across the back.  The shorter pieces are the legs laid side by side.  I don't love it...but I do love the shininess of it, and it'll do for now.  :)

Also, if you'd like to make your own Ikea hacks, the tutorials for each of these are shown in the blog they're linked to.  Happy hacking!  :)


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