Sunday, March 9, 2014

Who Needs Mexico?

So during one of my ridiculously long absences from blogging, I got married.  And then went on a honeymoon.  And then forgot to write about any of it or share photos.  While doing a little web-surfing for our trip to Florida this October (Disney World), I got all nostalgic over the things we did on our honeymoon.  Rather than getting passports, booking a flight, and leaving the country, we decided to keep it low-key and relaxed by road-trippin' it to Florida to go to Universal Studios.  There were several reasons for this:  1.) I have only flown once in my life and am, to be honest, a little afraid of it.  2.)  I have also only been out of the country once, and due to a (funny in retrospect, but terrifying in the moment) little incident where we were stranded in Belize, I am a little hesitant to travel to unfamiliar places.  3.) I was still in college, on a college-student budget.  In other words, we were broke-ass po'.  4.)  We are really just children in grown-up bodies.  Jared and I like video games, cartoons, and amusement parks.  Our favorite dates involve rollerskating and pizza.  My 21st birthday festivities included Chuck E. Cheese and painting pottery.  I mean...

Our wedding night was spent in a hotel only about 30 miles from our reception venue.  Regardless, when we got there, we were exhausted.  Nick at Nite was playing a Friends marathon (Score!!!!), and we got in the hot tub and did a Magic Towel just for shits and gigs.  (Am I the only person over the age of 10 who thinks these things are awesome?!  I have like six of them.  The one we did that night was Batman.  No big deal.)  Then we opened the three gifts that I had managed to sneak along even though Jared said no, played a round of Cranium that was inside one gift (Hey, thanks, Guitar Jon!), and fell asleep on top of the covers with The One Where Everybody Finds Out playing in the background.  It was both the lamest and most epically cool wedding night in history, I believe.

The next day, we drove....and drove....and drove.  If you're prone to fighting with your significant other when tired or stressed out, avoid long drives.  Particularly when one of you doesn't want to drive and chooses instead to read books and sing loudly to songs from Moulin Rouge.  It was a hell of a drive.  Interrupted by a trip to a huge outlet mall, which Jared was thrilled to see included both a Hurley AND a Michael Kors.  Our hotel, when we finally reached it, was beautiful.

It had a ginormous pool, several fountains, a lake with a bridge over it, and lots of tiny little geckos everywhere you went (except in the rooms, thank Gawd).  Jared made it his goal to catch one, but they were too fast for him.  One day was spent almost entirely in the pool and the outdoor game room; that night there was a karaoke party outside by the pool, and instead of participating, we spent our time trying to catch this cute orange kitten that was hanging out in the bushes.  We are cool.

Universal Studios lived up to the hype.  Jared was especially excited about this:
and this...

But I was all about the Harry Potter.  The details here were amazing - even the music as you walk from place to place is tailored to fit the Harry Potter experience.  It was awesome.

I guess the Prices enjoy a nice, cheesy thumbs up for photos!

We ate a feast, accompanied by pumpkin juice, which was surprisingly refreshing.  After two days of Universal rides and attractions, we went to SeaWorld; it was fun, but huge and deadly hot that day.  (Also, I kept missing out on feeding the dolphins.  Pushy tourists ;) )  

And I'm not going to lie to you, at least one entire day of our honeymoon was spent just like this:
Eating and watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians in bed.  I wouldn't have wanted it any other way!  We might be boring, but we love it!

A honeymoon doesn't have to be extravagant to be special/fun.  I don't even think you have to leave your house to have a honeymoon!  Just a few days spent unplugged from the Internet and cell phones, hanging out together and having fun as a couple, is enough.  Our honeymoon was special because it was us and fit our personalities exactly.  I can't wait for our next trip together :)


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