Saturday, March 15, 2014

Cyber Saturday!

I've got a little bit of everything here for you today - it's been a particularly inspiring week Internet-wise.  :)  Enjoy, and don't forget to check out my everything-animal round-up over on my other blog!

I'm sure everyone has seen this video already - and honestly, we're all getting a little sick of the Frozen soundtrack by now - but this is pretty wonderful.  I especially love their daughter in the backseat, yawning and generally paying no attention to her dorky parents.  (Also, if anyone figures out where the wife got her glittery shirt from, could ya let me know?  That'd be great. :)  )  

Huffington Post has a great round-up of easy and quick St Patrick's day crafts that are great for kids too.  I love this paint chip-inspired one!

Little Free Libraries are spreading around cities like wildfire.  This writer over on Book Riot loved the local-lending-library idea so much, she decided to build one in her own front yard!  It was built to mimic her house's appearance, and the neighborhood seems to love it.  If I lived in a more metropolitan area (as opposed to population 400, give or take a few senior citizens), this is definitely something I would do.

This video makes me appreciate Sarah Jessica Parker and her wit just a little bit more.  Prior to viewing this video (and her adorable little brownstone), I just sort of associated her with her character Carrie Bradshaw and that annoying little squeal she always did.  But this Vogue interview was snappy (if obviously rehearsed) and fun.

Penny Pincher Fashion did a great round-up of the sporty-chic trend that's popping up everywhere.  (I really like the fashionable sneaker trend, but I don't know about track pants as evening-wear.  Haven't warmed up to that one yet.)  But blinged-out sweatshirts and sneakers are definitely right up my alley; I love the embellished black ones in the second row and the Converse slip-ons in the bottom right corner.  Click the link to see where you can buy these shoes!

Ellen Seidman wrote an amazing article for Huffington Post about her son, who has cerebral palsy but is not defined by it.  " 'Oh, poor thing,' she said, as if I had just mentioned that he had three weeks left to live.  'He's just your average awesome kid,' I responded."  She writes about how, though the sympathy always comes from a good place, she wants her son to be treated with equality rather than sympathy.  I work as a paraprofessional with students with various special needs, and while other people might think of them as unfortunate or disabled, I only see kids - really awesome kids.

Buzzfeed featured a list of the various popular songs that Vitamin String Quartet has covered.  Though I love them all, I especially appreciate how they managed to transform the much-overplayed "Royals" into something new and different.  (I love the Vitamin String Quartet so much, I even walked down the aisle to their version of "Chasing Cars".)

And finally, Huffington Post also put in their two cents about the top 5 paint colors for renters, according to Apartment Guide and Benjamin Moore.  While the authors of the post seemed to find the colors a bit bland, I love them all, especially this icy blue, which is Benjamin Moore's Breath of Fresh Air.

Have a great weekend!

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