Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Shopping List

The first day of spring was this week, and for once, it actually felt appropriate!  Normally, the first day of spring will roll around, and it will dump down loads of snow or the roads will ice over.  But not this year - it was a beautiful day.  The sun was shining and the birds were chirping, and I finally got to break out the cuffed jeans + boat shoes and take Riley on a walk.  Yeah, there was still snow on the ground...but it wasn't annoyingly covering the road like it usually is this time of year.

Of course, by saying this, I'm probably jinxing the nice weather and we'll end up having a huge blizzard over the weekend.  But such is life :)  Anyway, the few first nice days of the season got me in the mood to shop.  I'm not sure what this says about me, but I always immediately think about shopping for clothes whenever the season changes.  It probably has something to do with the extra-thick fashion magazines that are issued, announcing the "newest trends" ("Florals for spring?  Groundbreaking." - Meryl Streep in Devil Wears Prada).  Whatever the case, Jared and I are going on a miniature trip this weekend, and I'm hoping to score lots of great deals!  Here's what's on my list of things to look for:

1.  Steve Madden Pony Hair Flat - I don't think I would be a fan of wearing legit pony hair on my feet (although let's not kid ourselves; I wear leather all the time and I know perfectly well where it comes from :/ ), but I do have to admit that these slip-on sneakers are very cute and on-trend.  They would go really well with some cuffed, distressed jeans and a plain V-neck tee.  They look super comfy too!

2.  Floral jeans pinned by this site - If anyone has any more information about these pants, please let me know!  I love them!  I know, I know, florals come into style EVERY spring.  But I think printed pants are so fun, and I love the color combo of this screen-printed pair.  (I have a green floral pair that my sister says makes me look like a grandma on vacation in Florida.  I don't completely disagree.  But I'm okay with it.)

3.  Neon multicolor earrings (found on Etsy via Pinterest, no longer available) - There are a lot of bright, sparkly earrings out there right now, and I love these neon ones.  I also like these from J. Crew, but that store is too damn expensive for me.  I wear my fanciest earrings with a plain white top, jeans, and a messy high ponytail.  I'm not sure why, I just really like how they can make a casual outfit look like "fashion".

4.  Turquoise nail polish like Essie's Hide and Go Chic - I'm not big on manicures, mostly because I suck at painting my own nails and they chip literally within five minutes.  But I always have my toes painted, and in the spring/summer, the brighter the better.  I'm looking for a bright, swimming pool blue to wear on my toes this summer.

5.  Exercise tanks like this geeky one - If you have read my blog, you'll know that my husband and I are super-nerds.  While Jared is more of the computer-geek type and I tend to be more of a book-nerd, we both love old-school video games.  This vintage-Nintendo-inspired workout tank (that says "Training to be a Legend") goes all the way back to the very first Legend of Zelda.  I hate working out, but God knows I need to start, and cute workout clothes might get me more in the mood to actually use them.

6.  Summery hat like this one from J.Crew - Let me first just say that I would never be able to pull this off.  I like to picture myself wearing a big straw hat on the beach with some sort of pretty, patterned maxi dress...but I own a straw fedora that I have worn like twice and took it off both times because I felt so stupid.  I am just way too self-aware to wear something that could potentially make me look dumb.  Plus my husband would never stop laughing at me.  But it's nice to dream :)

7.  American Eagle lace baseball hat - I actually just purchased almost this exact hat yesterday, except my version is eyelet instead of lace.  This is a hat that actually doesn't look too silly on me...I like the way it makes a dressy and feminine outfit look less so.  It's sporty but still very girly.

8.  Etsy tribal-print scarf - I'm one of those people that wear scarves in the spring/summer.  I know it doesn't make sense, and sure, the back of my neck frequently gets sweaty.  But I think a lightweight, gauzy scarf looks great over a solid-color tank, and it can really add a lot to an outfit.  I bought a scarf like this yesterday as well; the neon colors plus an Aztec-y print makes it pretty trendy.

9.  Anthropologie mint watch - I will admit that I don't need this.  I have one like it in white already...but I loooove mint green!  The gold face gives this watch an extra something special.

What's on your spring shopping list?

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