Monday, January 6, 2014

Sweater Weather versus Swimsuit Weather: Really Not Even a Competition

So, let's just start by saying it is -40 degrees in Iowa right now with the wind chill.  This cannot even be justified.  Mother Nature, you suck.  Days like today make me miss summer, even though when it's summer, I'm sure I complain about the heat just as much.  Instead of shivering inside under my fur-lined blanket, I would much rather be outside in the sunshine - specifically, in Disney World, which is where Jared and I have decided to go on vacation this fall!  This post is a throw-down between things I love about winter versus things I love about summer, with pretty things gathered from the Internet included.  But we'll be honest...I think we all know which is going to come out the winner.

Winter Oxblood versus Summery Neon Nail Polish

The pretty dark red on the left (which is Essie's Wicked) is from here, while the Sonia Kashuk bright set is from here.  Though I think it's fun to have a neon pedicure when you're burying your toes in the sand, I love dark colors on my fingernails the most, even in the summer.  This moody red is just so versatile and looks great with rings on your fingers.
Winner:  Winter!

Holding Mittened Hands Around a Mug of Hot Chocolate versus Sipping Cold Lemonade

Hot chocolate is delicious and all (though I attempted to make some today using water instead of milk, and oh my god it was atrocious), and these Fair Isle mittens are super cute.  But I would take lemonade over hot chocolate any day (I even requested it be served at our wedding), and this ceramic lemonade crock has been on my wish list for ages now.
Winner:  Summer!

Huddling in a Blanket Watching Netflix versus Enjoying Beautiful Nature

I have one of these luxe and super-warm fur blankets at home (it's draped around my shoulders as we speak), and I LOVE it.  When it's cold outside, there is no better way to stay warm than wrapped up in one of these throws watching your favorite television show.  While these flowers are gorgeous (and with this pretty photograph, you can even enjoy them on a cold day from the comfort of your home), I am really not an outdoors kinda girl.  I much prefer to loaf around the house, even if it is nice outside.  Also, I am terrified of bees and other bugs. :)
Winner:  Winter!

Bundling Up in a Cute Scarf versus Swimming in a Retro Bathing Suit

Scarves are very cute in the winter (photo from here), and my infinity scarves in particular get the shit worn out of them this time of year.  Bathing suit shopping is the only kind of shopping I hate, but these retro swimsuits seem to make it all worth it.  They are super flattering on any body shape.  (This polka dotted number is from here.)  And I would MUCH rather be out swimming in the sunshine than putting on a scarf to go outside.
Winner:  Summer!

Boots versus Sandals

I love boots.  I wear them virtually every day in the fall/winter, whether they are my worn-out Fuggs or knee-high riding boots.  They are just so easy and seem to go with everything, from pajamas to a dress and tights.  These glittered booties are by Wanted (found here) and could possibly be the cutest things I've ever seen.  Sandals, on the other hand, are just as versatile in the summer.  I don't like my feet (or anyone's feet, really), but I just can't get past the convenience of throwing on a pair of flip flops to leave the house.  These silver ones are by Steve Madden (found here).  Love 'em!
Winner:  It's a tie!

Blizzard versus Thunderstorm

Screw the snow.  For real.  No matter how pretty it is for the first few hours, or how necessary it seems for Christmas, snow can kiss my ass.  In a matter of days, it's a big, slushy, brown mess.  It ruins hair and stains boots.  It makes driving suck, and it hikes up my electric bill.  Also it's cold.  I hate snow.  (Regardless of how pretty or nice-smelling this festive candle is.)  Summer thunderstorms, however, are the frigging best.  There is nothing I love more in the summer than sitting by a window listening to raindrops and thunder from outside.  This Demeter candle is supposed to smell just like that electricity-fueled, sharp scent in the air right before it storms.  
Winner:  Summer!

Man, that was way closer than I thought it would be.  But of course, summer is the clear winner.  There are a lot more things I love about summer than what is listed here, and I am just counting down the days until the awful mess outside melts and the trees come back to life.

Stay warm out there!

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