Thursday, December 5, 2013

If I Was a Rich Girl...Plus a Few Randoms!

I wish I could say that my family was low-key about Christmas gifts.  But, y'know...that would be a giant lie.  We aren't low-key.  At all.  My mom tends to go completely overboard and give us way more than anyone deserves - we're pretty spoiled when it comes to Christmas.  (Sometimes...when she thinks one of us has gotten fewer presents than everyone else...she'll go to her bedroom and creep back out with two more plastic-sack-wrapped gifts that she "forgot about."  Oh, Mom.)  Of course we know that Christmas isn't about gifts.  But we love giving them anyway just to see the look on the person's face when they open them.  (Our faces, by the way, are nearly always excited and happy, except the year my sister gave me a gift that an actual giant black spider jumped out of.  I still remember what the gift was, it was so traumatizing - it was a mirror that said "Rockstar" at the top.  Because I was such a rockstar in my Gap tshirts and lace-up bellbottoms.)

Christmas is one of the few occasions when you're encouraged to act like a child and get caught all up in the holiday.  Why not go nuts?  A girl can dream, and these are all gifts that I've been dreaming about for years.  Consider it a wish list for if I win the lottery one day.

(left to right)

Lomography Diana F+ Medium Format Camera - I have always wanted to get into photography.  (I took a couple photography courses in high school, but we were constantly running out of photo we got a free period most of the time instead.  I usually left and went tanning.  Let's face it, my whole senior year was a crapshoot.)  This adorable little toy camera would be a fun way to venture into the photography world.  I hear that with these cameras, you never know exactly how your pictures are going to turn out - risky, but often a fun surprise! Amazon, $39.95

Harry Potter Scene It:  The Complete Cinematic Journey - Right now, I own Scene It board games for Friends, The Office, and Disney movies.  While I'm pretty decent at movie trivia in general, I am fully confident that I could kick anyone's ass at the Harry Potter Scene It.  (Jared and I, for whatever reason, fall asleep with these movies as the soundtrack more often than not, and lots of times, I'll wake up with "I killed Sirius Black, I killed Sirius Black!" or "Yer a wizard, Harry..." ringing in my head.)  If this wasn't so inexplicably pricey, it would be on my game shelf right now.  Amazon, $61.75

Patrick Eats His Dinner by Geoffrey Hayes - This book is kind of a cult-ish classic with my family (along with Tan Tan's Hat, Labyrinth, and PeeWee's Big Adventure).  I'm not sure why, but we enjoy quoting it ("Little green balls of mushy poison") and then giggling like it's hilarious.  I remember reading it a lot when I was little-little, and all of a sudden, it became something of a collector's item.  Impossible to track down at any library, and super expensive on Amazon.  I would love to have this.  Amazon, around $175.00

Whatever:  The 90s Pop Culture Box - Like the many others around the Internet, I adore 90s culture.  Don't we all love the decade we grew up in?  For me, Gelly Roll pens, NSYNC, Boy Meets World, slap bracelets...they all evoke some part of childhood that I really miss.  This box contains 7 cds chock full of the music that defined the decade.  There are two other boxes (70s and 80s) which are said to be much better compilations, but I think these cds would bring back some fond memories for me.  (Like when my sister would listen to "What's Up" by 4 Non Blondes and I would think she was so cool and alternative - ha! - or how my mom would get mad when I listened to "Bitch" by Meredith Brooks.)

Demeter Fragrance in Suntan Lotion - The Demeter line carries sooo many fragrances that are completely unique, including Play-Doh, grass, and even...cannabis.  (Which, incidentally, I pronounced "ka-KNOB-ees" two years ago.  No joke.  Eh, whatever.  Hugs, not drugs.)  My favorite scent, though, would be suntan lotion, which I haven't tried yet.  The website describes it as a classic "Coppertone" scent, which I can definitely get behind.  I also had a Bath and Body Works Wallflower in my bathroom that I think was called "Suntan" which evoked SO many memories every time I went to go pee.  Memories of my mom's favorite rainbow-colored pool float and the concession stand by the lake fondly referred to as the "Sugar Shack."  I'm hoping this would smell like that.  Demeter, $20 for a small bottle of perfume

Giant fireplace mantel - I have never actually come across one of these for sale, but when I came across this story on Apartment Therapy, I fell in love.  How cool would it be to have a big old fireplace mantel in your living room without the hassle (and cost) of lighting it?  (You don't think so?  Just me?)  Anyway, I think it would be super fun, and I would have a blast decorating the mantel for the holidays and filling the space where a "fire" would go with all sorts of stuff!  

nuLOOM Hand-Hooked Alexa Moroccan Trellis Wool Rug - I have wanted a printed rug like this for such a long time...the only problem is, we have nowhere to put it.  Our house is so full of crap and vintage knick-knacks I almost can't stand it, and our floors are mostly carpeted, anyway.  I dream of one day having a house with hardwood floors where one of these can cover the creaky boards.  Also, there is an EXCELLENT knockoff of this rug that can be found at Target!  Overstock, $142.00

Olivia Star Indoor/Outdoor Pendant light - I love unique lighting fixtures, and this one would look amazing hanging in an entryway.  I got the idea from 7th House on the Left, which is one of my VERY FAVORITE home decor/DIY blogs.  I get so many decorating ideas from here.  Pottery Barn, $149.00

What do you think, Santa?  I've been an awful good girl.  (Not really.  I have just been average.)

Also, another gift that I would be thankful for any day of the year?  Donations to the Humane Society of North Iowa or the PAWS Humane Society located in Charles City.  The animals found there need more love and care than any of us.

A random item I wanted to share:

How similar is this little hedgehog (right) that my mom made to the Anthropologie one I posted about last week?!  It is made from a recycled book and holds pictures/papers instead of pencils :)  I went over to my parent's house yesterday and it was just sitting on the counter - Mom works in the children's department at a public library, and she is forever doing crafts with the kids.  This is one of 'em, and I got to keep the result!  :)  I love the little guy.

One more random thing:

I would like to once again reiterate how amazing I think Emily McDowell's prints are.  These should be hung straight above my desk where I will see them (hopefully therefore living by them) every single day.  I am constantly afraid of things.  I'm afraid of change, of leaving things behind, of starting new things, of not being good enough.  Constantly worrying about how other people view me, about whether I am hated by former coworkers and friends that I'm no longer in touch with, about my life not being as fulfilling as others'.  I am one big mess of worry and fear and anxiety.  If I was a Mister (of the Little Mister and Miss books...), I would be that pink one that just looks like scribbles of crazy stress.  If I was a color, I would be dark red because that's the color I see when I hyperventilate.  If I was a celebrity, I'd be Amanda Bynes because I feel like the biggest mess on the planet more often than I don't.  I hope I'm not the only one.


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