Thursday, March 8, 2012

The day has finally come... iPad 3! :)

So after a few months of speculation, the iPad 3 has finally came out. Was it worth the wait? Yeah, I'd say so! If you own an iPad 2, I'd stick with it until next year when the iPad 4 is released, but if you don't own an iPad, I would say you better pick this bad boy up. Now without further ado, I now present my review of one of Apple's greatest products to date, the iPad 3. :D
iPad 3 (Image found here)

So if you're an average tech geek like myself, you'll find yourself saying, "Well, it looks like the iPad 2. What could apple have possibly done to outdo its predecessor?" Let me start off by stating that this "beastly" 9.7 inch tablet has the best resolution of any handheld device. Ever.

For all you non-tech peeps, I will give you an example of the resolution.
(You can find this image here)

As you can see from this picture above , the iPad 3 has the best resolution of all time. The resolution is 2048-by-1536, and has 3.1 million pixels. To put that into perspective, that's four times the amount of pixels in iPad 2, and one million more than an HDTV. Wowzers!

Comparison of HDTV and iPad 3 (Image can be found here)

Not only does the gorgeous display give everyone the goosebumps, but just imagine playing Angry Birds on that... Amazing. Nuff said. But with the gaming comes a huge boost in the GPU area. The iPad 3 now comes with A5X chip with quad core graphic drives. Surprisingly, Apple didn't jump ship yet to the A6 quad core chip, but this A5X souped up version will do just fine! Also, for all you other tablet users, this A5X chip is four times more powerful than Nvida's Tegra 3 chip. Boom! :)

The two things that disappointed me about this year's model was the fact that they still have the same Apple home button as previous models have. The second thing that disappointed me was the fact that the front camera is still .3 MP. Shake my head, come on Apple, upgrade this to facetime HD!

To wrap things up, the iPad also comes standard with 4G LTE, the first for Apple products, now hopefully they integrate that with the iPhone 5. Also, the iPad 3 now comes with a 5MP camera on the back of it. Lastly, if you plan on taking a long road trip or flight, or just want to go to the bedroom and watch a movie, this new model lasts up to 10 hours.

I sure can't wait to get my hands on one of these. They are released on March 16. My birthday's the 17th, anyone willing to buy me one? :)


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