Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Drooling Over...Pretty Fonts!!

I apologize in advance for the length of this post.  I have kind of an abnormal obsession for pretty fonts/typography, and the amount of art out there based around letters is pretty huge!  My etsy "heart it" list alone yielded probably over 20 results, and it was difficult to narrow it down to my favorites.  Perhaps there will be a "part two" sometime in the future :)
This picture, featuring a stunner of a headboard, came from here.  I love the idea of having an unconventional headboard on my bed, and this is a great idea.
Holly's bedroom is incredibly inspiring:  I love the charcoal paint, and she even includes a detailed tutorial on how to make your own graphic sign like this one!
I found Patrick and his shop through this article on Design Sponge; he paints lyrics on old records and sells them on etsy.  I would think you could do this yourself as well, but this is so beautiful - these are some of my favorite Beatles lyrics.  He also customizes them if you have any particular lyrics in mind!  Check out his shop!
love, Love, LOVE this advertisement for Kiss Radio featuring bands with "food" names!  (from here, but found through bubby and bean)
Here is another piece of song lyric art:  one of my favorite songs by The Smiths!  I am amazed by these graphic posters; I could hang every single one on my wall.  Check the site out - they have the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, and many more.  (found through black eiffel)
Okay, these AMAZING children's story posters rely much more on the graphic art than they do on typography.  But I added them anyway because I think they're adorable.  The link above has a poster for cherished childhood tales like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Pinocchio, and Red Riding Hood, and each print is unique and colorful.  If I had a child, I would fill their room with these beauties!  (found via a cup of jo

Elsie at A Beautiful Mess bought a vintage paint-by-numbers print for next to nothing...and painted over it, creating this unique and cute song lyric piece.  She shares the DIY over at her blog.  Jared and I just bought the supplies to create a huge version of one of these ourselves - the color scheme?  Grey and orange.  Yikes.  We'll see!

Left picture:  found via abeautifulmess, originally from here
Right picture:  from here

And now for some Etsy lovin'...if only they had a wedding registry:

("Love is too weak a word" print; Sandlot quote print, Stepbrothers quote print; all from the same WONDERFUL seller...Jared is obsessed with the last one and I think he wants to hang it over his bed.)
("Let's stay home" print - my anthem - from here; "keep breathing" print from here; "happy" print from here)  I cannot wait to purchase the "keep breathing" one in the middle; I used to get pretty severe anxiety attacks, and I think this would be a beautiful reminder of what I need to do.
("alright" print from here; "sunshine" print from here; alphabet from here)  Jared and I are excited to order the alphabet decals, highlighted with the initial of our last name.  Such a cute idea!

("grateful" print - a necessary reminder - from here; Where the Wild Things Are print from here; "Begin" print from here)
(dictionary art - great DIY idea! - from here; "some like it hot" print - cute for a retro kitchen - from here; "modern" wood sign from here)  Jared is all excited to get the "modern" wood sign just because it says the word modern, since that's what he fancies himself.  But it's totally in a retro font, style, AND color.  He's not a modern kinda guy at all, he just thinks he is. ;)

Phew.  Sorry, guys.  I went a little overboard.  But that was so fun!  And here's one more wedding sneak-peek that is typography-inspired...and from etsy!:
We are ordering this banner to hang on the dessert table!  Same color, except it will read "Love is Sweet" instead.  I also am hoping to get some to hang on the back of our chairs that say "Mr." and "Mrs." (in blue and pink, respectively, of course)!  These fringed banners are too cute!

Hope you enjoyed!


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