Monday, March 5, 2012

Inspired by...String Quartets and Unique Floral Displays

While reading back issues of Brides magazine checked out from the library, I came across a blurb talking about a string quartet that covered Lady Gaga songs, called Vitamin String Quartet.  And my heart stopped.  I immediately tore the page out (yes, I totally rip pages out of library magazines.  I'm guilty.) and took it to my laptop to do some iTunes research.  I am a sucker for violins in the first place, and when added to the gloriousness that is Lady Gaga?  Perfect combination right there.  I couldn't resist.  After hearing the admittedly badass cover of "Bad Romance," I was hooked and couldn't stop clicking.  Each one was more amazing than the next:  Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton, Wild Horses by the Rolling Stones, Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen, even Yellow by Coldplay...and the list goes on.  For some reason, those violins just tug at my heartstrings, always have!  Say what you will, but...once I got to Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol, I may or may not have been....crying.  Yes.  I found the most overplayed Snow Patrol song to be unbearably touching simply because it was played by a few violins instead of sung by mediocre indie rockers.  My Lord.  I need the Vitamin String Quartet to be played at my wedding, obviously.  Even if that means walking down the aisle to the strings version of Wonderwall, because, oh yes, they cover it.  Check them out!  (Just try not to cry when you can hear the lyrics in your head: "Will you lie with me and just forget the world?"  It'll be tough, I know.)

In keeping with the simultaneously quirky and formal feel of the string quartet, here are some photos I've been particularly inspired by lately of traditional flowers in nontraditional containers.  I'm not really a vase kinda girl:  give me a mason jar or vintage thermos any day to display a pretty bouquet in! :)  We are using several of these ideas in our wedding/centerpieces. 
This bride chose to display a single bloom in each tiny jar, and I think the effect is gorgeous!  (from elizabethannedesigns)
These are actually flowers made of frosting (the best kind!), but the same thing could be done with real blooms, I would think.  Beautiful!  (from here)
Single succulents and roses displayed in miniature round colored water!  So cute and creative!  (from stylemepretty
If you look closely, you can see the single blooms sitting at the bottom of these round bulbs, which are suspended from trees at a gorgeous outdoor wedding!  (from stylemepretty)
I totally and completely covet everything in this picture!  Fiance and I have been looking for some beat-up wooden doors to put up behind the dessert table, and these old frames are adorable.  I love the idea of hanging flowers in vases from hooks as well!  (from here)
This colorful daisy bouquet (found at a cute picnic-themed wedding over at ruffled), is actually displayed in a watermelon half - how creative is that?!

Other than these pictures, I'm inspired by many other ways to display florals:  floating blooms, wearing them in my hair, and so on...and we've also got quite the collection of things to show them off in:  birdcages, lanterns, little metal buckets, old watering cans, various mismatched bottles/soda bottles, vintage thermoses, and, of course, the ubiquitous mason jar.  So many ideas...and only one wedding.  :)


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