Saturday, April 5, 2014

Cyber Saturday!

This was a week that passed surprisingly fast for me.  The work days seemed to fly by, as they tend to do when you're chasing madly after children, and the nights (besides one, in which I went on a three-hour cleaning/laundry spree) were spent relaxing with my puppy, popcorn, and Parks and Rec on Netflix - it's like my third time rewatching the series, and it gets better every time.  These lazy nights are enjoyable for sure, but I'd much rather be spending them with my husband, whose work schedule this month is the complete opposite of mine.  We tend to overlap for about fifteen minutes - I get home from work just as he is getting ready to leave, and we say goodbye in passing.  When Jared gets home around 1 AM, I am obviously asleep, and I can barely acknowledge his presence when he gets into bed.  It sucks, but that's why I'm so glad this week passed quickly - the sooner April is over, the sooner I get to hang out with him!  Anyway!  Here are some fun things I found from around the web this week:

These mustached and striped eggs are just one of the many great egg-decorating ideas Style Me Pretty Living had this week.  I always bookmark tons of ideas for dying eggs every Easter, and I never end up using any of them - my eggs always turn out a soggy brown mess.  Here's hoping I can turn out some cute ones this year!

I just discovered 6pm, which is this huge clearance-priced haven for shoes and bags and other wonderful things I don't need.  I am kind of wishing I hadn't found PayPal account is going to hate me after I buy these neon Sperry sandals.

I just became aware of the website Forever Young Adult, which is meant for adult fans of "young adult" things, including television shows, movies, and books.  The writers provide hilarious and snarky commentary on things like The Hunger Games, Flowers in the Attic, and Vampire Diaries.  I LOL'd at their review at Lifetime's Flowers in the Attic movie!

Oh Joy shared this recipe for chocolate chip cookies with CAP'N CRUNCH CEREAL!!!  I am loving this idea, and Cap'n Crunch is the friggin' bee's knees.  Only thing is?  I can't eat things like flour and wheat.  :(  Boo.  Maybe I'll try to recreate a gluten-free version!

Thought Catalog did an EXTREMELY accurate post on assumptions people have about introverts.  People tend to assume introverts (like myself) are rude, when really we are just very socially awkward - at least, that's why I usually stay quiet.  "One day we feel like hanging out with a lot of people, and other times, we feel like staying home.  Going outside to meet friends seems like a monstrous task.  We text - because calling makes us nervous..."  SO TRUE!

DIY-ers Emma and Elsie at A Beautiful Mess made this cute ice cream print using colored transparency sheets!  This would be perfect for a kid's room.  So many great DIY ideas in this one photo!

Don't forget to check out my other blog:  this week, I posted a book review, a "photo shoot" with me and my dog, and a plea for help with a sweet tubby kitty!

Happy weekend!

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