Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Candy + Pastel Pinspiration

I have been cruising Pinterest lately for some springy inspiration, and my Lord, did I find it.  I mean, there is seriously no end to the prettiness that Pinterest is always able to offer up!  It's ridiculous!  If left unchecked, I could easily waste away hours on there.  Most of the things that ended up catching my eye were candy-colored pastels, which have always appealed to me and I would love to wear all the time...unfortunately, pastels aren't exactly designed to look good on ghostly-pale people.  Here are my prettiest finds!

Pastel candy canes + chevron and periwinkle capris + Easter egg hued jeans

Some beautiful spring eye candy to help get you through the week!  :)

Also, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE hop on over to my animal blog, where there is a homeless, abused, senior chihuahua who needs your help.  If you know of anyone in California who would give Baby a home in which to spend her remaining years, please contact these people...her story is heartbreaking, and she deserves a second chance.  Thank you so much for reading.


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