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Unexpected Art: A Roundup!

I was looking through my bookmarks, searching for inspiration, and I found a bit of a theme:  many of my "home decor" bookmarks centered around unusual art pieces, most of them DIY.  Now, I love me a traditional piece of art for the wall, especially if it is something that is meaningful to you.  However, the things that tend to speak to me are pieces that people might not consider art:  a glued-together puzzle, for example, or paper banners.  I saw a feature of a beach house in a magazine where they had framed a vintage bathing suit and hung it on the wall - I love that!  This post is dedicated to those unique pieces of art.

(clockwise from left)
Handwriting wall:  This is something simple that still makes a statement.  Instead of wallpaper or a bright color for an accent wall, how about literally writing on the walls instead?  For this project, Elsie of A Beautiful Mess wrote "I love you more than ever" over and over again, turning a boring, stark-white wall into something special.  This is such a neat idea.  The tutorial is shared in the link!
Vintage paint-by-numbers:  My mom is lucky enough to have kept some actual paint-by-numbers that she did when she was young.  I don't have photos of them, but she framed them, and now two adorable paint-by-number dogs hang on her guest bedroom wall.  At antique stores, I am always looking for these, especially animal ones!  I think they're so fun and unique!
Swan Lake wallpaper:  Sometimes no one piece of art can make the statement that beautiful wallpaper does.  I have lusted after this gorgeous swan-printed wallpaper since I saw it in last year's issue of HGTV Magazine.  I have an obsession with birds, and the splashes of pink on this wallpaper make it perfect for an accent wall.  Wallpaper is my favorite - what's tough is finding a wallpaper that Jared likes, too :)
"Hello" plank art:  Nothing is more appealing to me than old, roughed-up wood mixed with modern, bright paint.  This piece of art could be replicated using lots of different things; an old wooden pallet would be cool.
Vintage dog educational chart:  I also have an obsession with old educational or science charts, for some reason.  I like to imagine where they came from, if they once hung in a schoolroom or a vet's office or something!  This chart, featuring different breeds of dogs, is exactly my style!
Rainbow spoon art:  This colorful piece was originally found on Pinterest, and I think it would look awesome hanging in a kitchen, especially on a bright white wall.  It's definitely unique, but not too crazy, and it would be super easy to replicate.  Tutorial shared in the link!
Silver taxidermy:  Faux taxidermy is something that has only recently started drawing my eye.  I would never purchase real taxidermy, of course, and the many colorful/glittery/shiny versions that are out there are much prettier anyway.  This silver one is especially gorgeous!
Green Eggs and Ham print:  This blogger blew up a picture in a children's book to hang on her son's bedroom wall!  I love this idea and all the options it creates - sooo many books to choose from.  Being the nerd that I am, I'd probably choose Harry Potter :)  Or Alice in Wonderland!

(clockwise from left)
"Hello" string art:  This whole photo shows the word "HELLO".  It's a super easy how-to, and very cute:  All you need is a piece of wood, some pretty paint, string/yarn, and nails!  The possibilities are endless!
Moulin Rouge print:  Though my husband does not agree, I think Moulin Rouge is one of the best movies of all time!  And, of course, one of the most-quoted lines is, "The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return."  This print features that quote and the windmill of Moulin Rouge.  I adore this, but it's not something that can be purchased :(
Lion King print:  This is actually up for sale on Etsy!  I really like minimalist art, especially when it refers to movies, and The Lion King is mine and Jared's favorite childhood movie.
Paint shirt art:  One of my favorite bloggers painted her new home with her husband, and she made some great memories along the way.  Not wanting to get rid of the painted shirts they wore, but not wanting to stuff them away in a box, she decided to frame pieces of them!  This is such a good idea, and it could be done with many different things.  It looks like an abstract, modern piece!

Allow me to indulge for a little while and show off some photos of the "quirky" art I have in my own home!  I really love each piece, and each has a bit of a story behind it.

(Left to right)
"You mustn't be afraid":  I blatantly ripped off this idea from Holly at Nothing but Bonfires; it was originally meant to read "You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling," which is a line from the movie Inception, but I overshot and ran out of room.  :)  SO I ended up leaving it at just "You mustn't be afraid," which I think suits me better anyway.  (I am quite afraid of a lot of things.)  It was super easy to make:  stick-on letters from Hobby Lobby and a single sheet of grey paper.  It sits on my desk, and it reminds me to kind of chill out and man up!  :)

This tin hot dog hangs in my kitchen.  It's just silly and fun, but I had it hanging in my bedroom since I was like twelve, and I love it!

I collect basically anything owl, and this ceramic one currently hangs out above my toilet! I like how it looks against the light-green wall.  

Here is my own faux taxidermy!  A simple pair of gold antlers, purchased from Target for twenty bucks.  :)  My parents don't "get" them, but Jared and I really like their simplicity.  They are pretty versatile too - they can be decorated for all the holidays.  An ornament hangs from an antler for Christmas, spiderwebs for Halloween, etc.  Fun :)

"His 'n' Her" plaques hang above Jared and my bathroom, respectively.  These silhouette portraits are especially fun because the silhouette part is backed by a page from a book!  They are from a small, quirky office-supply-type store at the Mall of America.

Jared bought me this minimalist Harry Potter print from Etsy!  It features Harry's scar and glasses, the Gryffindor colors, and this quote from Professor Dumbledore, "Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light."  

I lusted after this light-switch on Etsy for months, and then I happened to stumble upon it in a little vintage boutique.  It resides in my bathroom, and I smile every time I turn on the light!

Instead of a vintage dog chart, I own a "faux vintage" butterfly chart.  I purchased it at the aforementioned Mall of America store, and I pinned it up using multicolored pushpins to give it more of that elementary-school feeling.

These paper pinwheels are tacked above my desk (surrounding my bachelor's degree, which I am - HA! - so proud of).  My mom made a TON of these for our wedding, and these are my three favorites.  I love being able to have mementos from our wedding day as decor in my home.

(clockwise from left)
An antique wooden moon shelf that is a replica of my mom's hangs under the calendar I designed, which features the animals that came to be so important to me during my time working at the HSNI.    I look forward to the beginning of each month, so I get to see which dog or cat will grace my wall for that month!

Sigh.  This...thing.  I don't even know what you call this.  It's the Gone With the Wind movie poster painted onto a small, beat-up wooden pallet.  I got it at the Brass Armadillo during a random shopping trip with Jared; it caught my eye immediately, and I'm so so glad I bought it!  

This miniature gallery wall hangs above our couch, and it is updated or added to quite frequently.  It features our dog Riley, art photographs of different animals, and dogs and cats from the HSNI, amazingly photographed by Love and Luck Photography.  I'm also looking for some antique animal prints to add to the wall.

I had this canvas made at Walgreen's to give to Jared for Christmas!  It is our favorite "family" photo from the shoot with Love and Luck Photography.  (A tip:  If you're looking for a canvas to be made for a reasonable price, try Walgreen's online photo services.  SUPER cheap, and you can always find an online coupon or discount!)

Thanks for going on a little tour of my favorite pieces of art!! :)

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  1. I love several of these - the Green Eggs and Ham, the Harry Potter (of course), and the hot dog. I made a Harry Potter print featuring weird fabric I found and the quote, "It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live" from Harry Potter. It hangs above my bed and is my favorite, even if it is a little wonky. :-) I think the art at your house is adorable