Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Spring in My Step

Let's not kid ourselves.  Spring is still months away.  But in between blizzards, thundersnow, and roads full of slush, there are moments when I can feel it coming.  Moments when I will take the dog for a walk and not have to wear a hat, when I don't need to warm up the car before leaving for work.  I look forward to those moments, and I'm hoping they will start sticking around.  Looking at springy inspiration on the Internet makes me feel a little better; when I get to put up the Easter egg wreath and outdoor decorations, my entire year is made.

Gorgeous picnic baskets from Style Me Pretty.  I can't wait for the weather to be nice enough to drag my picnic basket and blanket, some lemonade, and my husband out to the park!

Two adorable DIYs from All Things Katie Marie that are perfect for spring!  The baseball wreath (tutorial here) is a great masculine option when compared to a floral wreath; Jared would not be opposed to hanging this on our front door.  I also really love the moss-covered letters (tutorial here) to hang on a fence.  One day!

I am in love with these Swedish Easter trees called Paskris (this one found over at Apartment Therapy).  My grandma used to have something similar on her kitchen table in the spring, and I have been considering making one of my own for an Easter centerpiece.  Colorful and whimsical, and just my style!

Blair's style is always spot-on and super inspirational (from Atlantic-Pacific).  I love an army-style jacket paired with something feminine for spring.

I'm always looking for unique ideas for dying/painting Easter eggs (though they rarely turn out the way I had planned), and oh my gosh.  Super Mario Easter eggs?!  These are the best.

This Deborah Lippman nail polish is called Rockin' Robin, and it is a gorgeous robin's egg blue with flecks of black glitter in it, so it looks just like an actual robin egg.  I adore this.

I would never be able to pull this off; let's just get that straight.  A baker I am not. But it's so beautiful!!! Like the nail polish above, it mixes a light blue frosting with black specks (chocolate frosting artfully spattered onto the cake!) to resemble a robin's egg.

This popular brand of shoes started off in the UK, and now they are starting to become trendy in America as well.  They come in so many gorgeous colors, but I am partial to the light blue for spring, as you may have noticed. :)


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