Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My Funny Valentine

Romantic Valentines are overrated.  Frankly, I've given Husband more than enough sappy cards over the years.  This year, I'm going with a funny Valentine.  Here's a little roundup of Valentines from around the web that I found pretty hilarious! (right click on photos for their source)

This says, "I love you so much I've saved one of your farts in a Tupperware container."  Best.  Valentine.  Ever.

This is borderline mushy, but I still love it.  From my favorite, Emily McDowell.

Oh, poor Leo and his lifelong quest for an Oscar!!

This is a Valentine to a parent from a child, and it says "I love you with all my butt.  I would say heart but my butt's bigger."  Too true :)

A few unique Valentines using mixed media:

An adorable Valentine's Day box containing flowers, a mushy novel, a sappy movie, champagne, lip balm, breath mints, gourmet popcorn, fancy chocolate, candle, and bubble bath!

And here are some Valentine's I dug out from an old box at my parents' house! ;)

Valentines used to be sooo much cuter!  On the back of the Big Bird valentine, there is a secret, anonymous note...
No idea who this is from, but how adorable :)

Definitely gave these out two years in a row.  Even to the boys.

This is a Valentine to my mom from my brother when he was little.  It inexplicably reads, "Would you like to be in jail on Valentine's Day?"  Accompanied by this sad little drawing:

That must be a sad, sad mother in jail on Valentine's Day.  I don't understand what caused this card to be created, but I sure do love it.


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