Thursday, January 26, 2012

Love is Sweet...

I told myself I wouldn't make this into a wedding-planning blog.  SO I'm going to try to limit myself to one a week.  Our wedding is largely a DIY affair, mostly because I wanted to avoid the traditional, cookie-cutter wedding.  I realize it shouldn't be all that important to me (after all, marrying him is much more important than handmade invitations or serving lemonade in mason jars at the rehearsal dinner - I know this.)  However, this is the one day we get to show the people we care about who we are as a couple, which is really exciting to me!  So we wanted to make it as personal as we could.

We designed our Save the Dates separately (his is shown in my very first post).  His were pretty awesome, very graphic and bold, in our wedding colors.  My Save the Dates were basically stolen from an idea in a magazine (probably Martha Stewart, that crafty minx)...and they involved large/small antique keys, as the script read "Your presence is key."  Clever, no?  :)  Anyway, I backed them with different styles of vintage wallpaper, so every one was a little bit different.  I had so much fun making them!  They are very similar to the ones shown below.

Anyway.  I've been spending most of my time today punching out circles in different patterns and then writing on them.  These are going to be part of my "favors", put on each guest's placemat at the reception.  It probably won't make any sense without the mints, but two circles are going to...sandwich?...the mint for each guest.  We are having a candy and dessert buffet at the reception (with a cotton candy machine and chocolate fondue fountain, no less!), so we're sticking with the "love is sweet" theme - so fun!

And yes, I fully realize these will be tossed in the garbage, the floor, at other people...but they were fun to make.  I am alone up here at college, and I get so bored, so God knows this was better than watching another episode of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami or whatever city it is they're taking this time.  I can never keep track.

So the next couple of months are going to be a blur - so much on our to-do list!  Order invitations, meet with our dj, premarital counseling, get my reception dress tailored (yes, I have two dresses; I know - ugh; BUT the second one is vintage!), figure out flowers (my most dreaded task), and schedule a FREE engagement photo session!  I also can't decide whether or not to schedule a "boudoir" photo shoot...I know more and more women are scheduling them to surprise their grooms with, but I'm still not sure.  Do people actually do this?  Is it awkward to be so...scantily clad in front of a stranger?  Does it get cold in there? 

That will mean I need to start working out and tanning as well, then.  Wonderful.

My favorite part about the wedding planning thus far (besides the fact that I get to plan with my husband-to-be) is all the DIY projects!  I love them so so much!  Here are two that I'm especially looking forward to:

I have several vintage floral brooches that I would love to work into a brooch bouquet like this one!  So beautiful and unique!

I want to hang these colorful doily pom-poms above my dessert table!  So cute. 

And I digress.  No more wedding talk!  :)  Promise.


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