Saturday, May 3, 2014

Rain, Rain, Go Away

The weather these days is driving me a bit nuts.  It's ten times better than snow, of course, and generally, I love rainy, gloomy days.  Sitting by the window and reading/writing is very relaxing when raindrops are tapping on your roof.  One or two days like this is just fine.  When it becomes a week, it gets a little old.  But until the sun comes out and the puddles dry up, I'll have to deal with make the weather more bearable, I've rounded up some pretty things that make the rain look stylish.  Check it out below!

(left to right):
Singing in the Rain Umbrella (from ShopBop) - a cute way to protect your hair from the drops
Rainy Day Bureau (from Humblesticks) - an easily customizable DIY
"Clouds" wallpaper (from Aimee Wilder) - adorable in a child's playroom
Umbrella necklace with glass raindrop (from Etsy) - delicate and whimsical
"Rainy Day" throw pillow cover (from Etsy) - handmade and in my favorite colors!
Rainy Day nail art (from LacqLustre) - actually inspired by Morton's salt!
"Write like a motherf*cker" coffee mug (from The Rumpus) - my favorite thing to do on a rainy day
"Splish Flash" rain boot (from Modcloth) - pink polka dots with a sweet bow on the back


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